How to use

Here you can find some help about how this site works. I wanted a longer intro paragraph for this but I can’t think of anything else to add to the intro, so I’ll just start with the explanation :p

Post Types

There are a few different post types here on the site. Each post type has it’s own color.

Gray: Normal posts

Articles with a gray background like these are regular posts. These posts can contain anything.

Pink: [BlueMentaiko] subs release

Articles with a blue background are official BlueMentaiko releases. This way you can easily browse for my subs! 😀

Yellow: Featured posts and sticky articles

Articles with a yellow background are basically important posts. You will find these articles on the top of the main blog! If you are familiar with blogs; it could also be possible that a certain post is a featured post of a certain category. It won’t be stickied on the main blog but will be if you are browsing in the certain category. Please ignore what I just said in the last two sentences if you didn’t know what I was talking about :p


You are welcome to create an account on this site if you want to. If you have one you can comment on our posts and post on the forum. To create an account you can either connect with one of the available Social Media options or do it manually.

Create an account by connecting with Social Media
We have Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID, Windows Live and Disqus available for you to connect with. You will find the options to connect at the bottom of every page of a post (which means you have to click on the title of the post first when you are browsing on the index).

Manually create an account
It is also possible to manually create an account without Social Network if you prefer. Due to technical limitations I cannot place a link to do that on a convenient place. That’s why I will leave the link here. To manually create an account please go to this page.


Here is a list of BBcode you can use in the comments form and in the forum.





[url=]This is the text[/url]

[img=Description here][/img]

[quote]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit,[/quote]
[quote=NAME]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/quote]
[quote=”NAME”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/quote]
[quote author=NAME]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/quote]
[quote author=”NAME”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/quote]

[color=”red”]named red[/color]
[color=”ff0000″]hex red[/color]
[color=#ff0000]hex red again[/color]

[s]striked this out[/s]

Center Text:
[center]center me[/center]

Computer code:
[code]function HelloWorld($greet = ‘World’) { return ‘Hello ‘.$greet } [/code]

Font size:
[size=10]10px font size[/size]

Ordered lists:

Unordered lists:

List Item:

Named Spoiler:
[spoiler=two plus two]four[/spoiler]

Unnamed Spoiler:

I don’t know why you want to use the following two, but you can. Probably just to troll people and force them to log in/log out LOL!

Contents appear to logged in users only:

[user]This is a secret message[/user]

Contents appear to non-logged in users only:
[guest]Log in to see secret message…[/guest]

Further questions

This is all I can think of to write now. If you have further questions you can leave a suggestion in the comments below this post or write something in the suggestion forum and we will consider adding it if there are many people asking for it.