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New Site, New Look

February 7, 2014 by

Hey everyone, welcome to the new site!

Thanks to Mai, the site is up and running and everything should have been imported successfully. 🙂

Despite the url, I am still connected to  Half48, meaning if you have an account on there, it’ll work here as well. My softsubs are now hosted on this server as well.

Other than that, everything should be relatively the same. If you find an error or think something should be changed, please let me know! With that said, things will move along as usual. I’ll have Odekake EP13 out tomorrow! 🙂


January 19, 2014 by

I finally created a twitter! I figured since I don’t ever use my g+, I might as well use twitter to talk to you all more easily and to keep you guys updated on my videos.

Please follow me if you’d like: @bluementaiko! 🙂

Delaying Odekake

January 10, 2014 by

Since the first part of Hyakkaten was pretty popular, and because I’m tired of subbing Odekake atm, I’ve decided to focus solely on finishing the second half of Hyakkaten before I work on episode 9.

This basically means that Hyakkaten will be out sooner than expected (probably Monday, but don’t hold me to it!), but it also means Odekake will be pushed back. I might not have a new episode out until the 19th since I’ve another long video to translate after I’m done with Hyakkaten.

This schedule is still tentative, but I just wanted to give you all a heads-up. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to the next episode.

Mini Break

December 28, 2013 by

I’m going to be gone for about a week or so.

I’ll make sure to have the next episode of Odekake done when I return. I’ll hopefully have the Hyakkaten S1 bonus footage done a few days later.

Have a good new year!

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