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March 3, 2015 by

[Edit: Ok, so I thought this was a pretty fair solution, but more people are opposed to it than I had expected. I don’t have the time to reply to every single comment (and I’m sure it’ll be redundant anyway), but thanks for all your input. As per your suggestions, I’ll keep the streams up for all my old videos, but if DM starts taking them down, I won’t have the time to reupload them to another site. After I’m done with Hyakkaten, however, I will start providing only softsubs. For those who are still opposed to that, please try to understand where I am coming from. Thank you.]

Just updating real quick to inform you all that 1 week after I post the final episode of HaKaTa Hyakkaten 3 (ep.12), I’ll be taking down all links to my DailyMotion streams- not just Hyakkaten, but Odekake, Shakariki, NogiBingo, etc. as well. Of course the softsubs will remain available, and you’re totally welcome to encode the videos yourself so you have a hardsub version for personal use. I feel like most people have the raws anyway, so I hope it’s not too much trouble!

The reason I’m doing this is because I feel a bit guilty uploading 48 videos when it specifically warns me that it’s illegal to do so, but I also want to ensure that everyone has a chance to watch Hyakkaten until the end. If you like Hyakkaten, please consider buying the actual Hyakkaten 3 DVD when it’s released (it should have a lot of bonus footage, too!). Also, please consider supporting HKT by buying their goods! Their 5th single comes out April 22nd (and it’s already available for preorder) -wink wink nudge nudge-

HKT48 141122 3rd Anniversary Special Performance LOD 1700


About the author: bluementaiko

Hi, you can call me Blue. I'm an independent subber. Currently working on Hyakkaten 3. Since I work alone, nothing is 100%. Feel free to talk to me, offer suggestions, etc.! My oshi is Motomura Aoi, and my favorite group is HKT. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ first. Thank you!!

58 thoughts on “A Heads-Up!

  1. BurntJoint


    I can understand why you want to take down your videos, but i really hope you change your mind. You are not selling these videos to anyone and your subs were one of the reasons i started following HKT48 in the first place. If i hadn’t seen these videos then i wouldn’t have spent so much money on merch and CD’s, so in a way you are MAKING THEM MONEY! instead of losing it for them. 

    I really really hope you dont stop. 

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      There’s nothing stopping people from downloading the raws and using softsubs, though. I understand that streams are easy and accessible, but this site is not run by a group of people who can share the responsibility. Even if I’m not making money off them, they are still illegal, and it seems that Japanese tv companies are getting stricter because I’m noticing these warnings on every show I watch. I don’t want to have to worry about my streams getting taken down, and then finding other sources, reuploading everything, etc. when I’m already subbing on top of that. I hope you understand!

  2. melonpandesal

    Tbh I don’t like this bluesan because sometimes I rewatch episode/s, so it’s nice that I can easily access it on dailymotion without downloading it. And most of the time I use my smart phone to watch your subs so without dailymotion I can’t rewatch your subs. I hope you’ll change your mind.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Why not just download the raws? Or download the hardsubbed version off DM before I take it down (which should be in another month)? I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s fair that I should have to feel guilty for it, just because it’s inconveniencing you. I don’t like having to do this, but I also don’t like having to worry about my streams getting taken down. Hope you understand!

      1. gx240

        “Or download the hardsubbed version off DM before I take it down”

        It’s worth pointing out that usually when you upload a video to a streaming site like DailyMotion they re-encode the video to decrease quality and file size before making it visible to everyone, so there’s a notable decrease in quality every time you upload due to the re-encoding. I know Youtube does this, and I assume Daily Motion works the same way. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though. I usually download your softsubs for this very reason. (After all if you don’t care about video quality when watching pretty idols, when would you care about it?) That said, I would love it if you made your hardsubs available through download instead of a streaming site, even if only for a limited time.

        As a side note if anyone wants to see an example of this quality degradation on streaming sites I’m talking about, there was a great article about Youtube a few years ago called “What Happens to a YouTube Video After 1,000 Uploads?” You can find it with a quick Google search. A guy re-uploaded a video a thousand times and by the end it’s just bunch of distorted colors and sounds with no relation to the original content. That’s how badly streaming sites butcher video and audio quality.

  3. Platinumbyakko

    Ok Blue Thanks for your information.
    I really Respect your Decision.thanks for your hard work until now.
    But After Hyakatten Finish do you will Share only Softsub ??? If so is not a problem for me ^-^
    are you will be Release Odekake Again ?

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Thank you! I’m glad you understand. 🙂

      And yes, I’ll be providing softsubs after Hyakkaten finishes. However, there are some tentative plans to create an HKT subbing group, and we’ll probably provide streams. It’s just that when I do independent projects on this site, it’ll be softsubs only. 

  4. suberisuberi

    I’m not really bothered by this and I’ll still use your subs, of course, but if it’s just that illegal content warning that scares you, it shouldn’t. Every streaming site does that just to cover their ass but probably 99% of stuff on DM or youtube or whatever is technically illegal because someone else owns the rights to it. And I’m sure if you’re affecting sales in any way it’s helping them by making new fans who wouldn’t have understood these shows, if not for you! Anyway, I’m not trying to change your mind, just saying you shouldn’t feel guilty at all.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, I know, but I work alone, and I don’t like having to deal with this when it’s all on me. I don’t want to worry about my streams being taken down, finding other sources, reuploading everything, etc. There are tentative plans to create an HKT subbing group, so I hope that people can discover HKT through that as well! 🙂

      1. suberisuberi

        I totally understand. You already do so much for the fandom without needing to stress over maintaining all those videos that WILL be deleted at some point, whether it’s from copyright claims (been seeing that more and more on DM idol uploads) or the site just fading away. Solo subbing is already such a big undertaking, you shouldn’t feel guilted into doing any more. I really appreciate all you’ve done <3 🙂

        An HKT sub group sounds great, too!

  5. Sauepass

    I understand your decision but i also hope you change your mind.
    Streams are the reason i even know anything about htk48 members and i can imagine a lot of other people also got to know them through streams. My interest in 48 groups would be non existant if not for streams of shows like akbingo etc. Basically streams makes non japanese speaking people aware of these groups and shows.
    I doubt people will bother downloading loads of raws of groups/shows they dont know and here is where streams comes in and saves the day. Also people will be more hesitant to watch shows when they have to fill up their hard drives to do so.
    Lots of the raws are also unfortunately virtually dead on trackers and are nearly impossible to download. 
    Taking streams down wont do much for the 48 groups but will sure be noticed for foreigners and people just learning about them.

    Anyways im thankful for all the work you put into this and if you dont change your mind, at least i got to learn about hkt48 thanks to these streams. 🙂

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I understand that, but it can’t be helped if people won’t even bother downloading one single episode of something just to try it out. It’s not like I decided this on a whim; I discussed this with people on twitter before coming to this. 

      Anyway, sorry if this will inconvenience you. But if you enjoyed HKT, I don’t see why only having  softsubs would stop you from following them!

      1. sauepass

        I’ll survive 🙂 

        What i was trying to say was that many people are out there googling around. clicking a link and getting the show right there is a great way to see if your interested rather than finding a soft sub, then google for raws, then trying to figure out if the soft subs match the raw then download a raw which in the case of older shows can take over a day per episode.
        if you’re not already a fan you probably wont be bothered doing that. 
        I’m not saying its your responsibility to give newbies easy access or to promote hkt shows for the masses tho. its just an explanation for why i believe streams are better than raws + soft subs to get new viewers and possible fans.

        I have read your replies and do understand that you dont want the responsibility since you’re only one person. however the worst thing that may happen is that DM asks you to remove the content.
        i really doubt any of the japanese tv station really cares that much or else they would already have asked you to close your site.
        Gozuas streams are still up after so many years(not even in private mode) and should give us a clue that tv stations dont really care about the older episodes/shows anyways.
        So maybe you could let the old shows that are already uploaded stay and only post soft subs for new shows/subs?
        If the old shows are taken down then you dont upload them again and only soft subs will be available.
        that would mean no extra work for you and future content will be soft subs only. 

        anyways, i’m not going bother you anymore on this after this post. I do understand you’re concerns and respect your decision.

  6. nakooshinakooshi

    Well actually you can download the raw files from hello-online and then use the soft subs to watch it..

    Don’t know if downloading from hello-online is legal or not though..

  7. Anonymous

    Personally, I think it is better to upload the hard subs for fans. Releasing only soft subs will not encourage fans to buy the releases as there are still many resources online to download or stream the raw videos. You even said yourself that most fans have access to raw videos. So now it actually might increase illegal downloads of *48 material because fans will download more raw videos so that they can watch using your subtitles. It is a lot more convenient if you post it. Also, for now Japan has ignored a lot of illegal content uploaded in foreign countries but with increase of downloads or torrents might make it more difficult for fans to even access content. I am not saying that you alone will make this happen but it is something for all subbers who only release soft subs to think about.

    In addition, you are just forcing many others to increase illegal activity. If you feel uncomfortable about uploading illegal content, I am sure that there is some license that you can use that will make it OK? Like saying it is for “education or entertainment purposes”? If you ensure that you are not making any money off of releasing subs then you should be fine (so I suggest to remove your “Donations” section and simply use a free or low cost server to host your website).

    I think it is better for you to upload the hard subs; fans will view it and then they can choose to purchase the DVDs (as is the case with any television show). If you want to, you can also decrease the video quality to 480p. The Perfume YouTube channel never releases high quality music videos and I know it has definitely encouraged me to want to purchase any DVDs.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      So I have to deal with the slight guilt associated with uploading, keep track of all my streams, find other sources and reupload all 80+ videos if they get taken down, and sub videos continually on top of that so it’ll be convenient for fans? I don’t think it’s fair that I have to go through all that trouble when people can easily download the hardsubbed version off DM whilst it’s still up or download the raws and use the softsubs. 

      And I’m *forcing* people to participate in illegal activities? If you don’t want to download, then you don’t have to! It’s your choice whether or not you feel comfortable doing so. But then you shouldn’t expect me to have to upload illegal content just so you don’t have to feel guilty about doing so, either. 

      I get the argument about keeping the hardsubs for new fans, but this- this just screams of entitlement, really. I’m sorry for saying this, but this line of thinking just pisses me off. 

      1. gx240

        “So I have to deal with the slight guilt associated with uploading, keep track of all my streams, find other sources and reupload all 80+ videos if they get taken down, and sub videos continually on top of that so it’ll be convenient for fans? I don’t think it’s fair that I have to go through all that trouble”

        Why not just pack all 80+ videos you’ve done so far into a single torrent, put it up on Hello Online, and then upload until there are a few seeds? Once you’ve done that you can just stop uploading and forget about it, and it will stay up on Hello Online forever without you having to worry about it.

        1. pybcu FS

          That would be a waste. If you download anyway, you can just download the raws and the softsubs (although the softsubs in a batch would be convenient).
          Assuming that Blue uses the same raws as base for the hardsubs, you get better quality that way (one encoding step less) and also benefit from the people that already seed the raws.

          But nobody hinders you or any other person to create such a batch-torrent with the hardsubs and submit it to ho or another tracker.
          But I cannot imagine that if she already feels unconfortable with having it on a streaming site she would even consider seeding a torrent. That would be kind of absurd 🙂

          While I’m also in that lazy bunch that will miss the streams (as you cannot just paste a friend a link to a torrent and say “that szene was hilarious” / cannot in general show other people that easily, I fully understand how she feels about it, especially about the annex episodes that aren’t availble on a free-to-air TV channel, but on a paid streaming provider…

          While it is true that Japanese copyright holders don’t care that much what happens overseas with their stuff, since the market in Japan is so isolated, it becomes a problem for them if Japanese people don’t buy the stuff anymore. It’s chicken and egg like problem. People overseas cannot buy stuff in physical form (except as import from Japan with much additional cost and of course the language barrier), but if at all only on sites like iTunes where the artists don’t benefit at all in comparison.

          I cannot express how glad I am that Babymetal are having so much success overseas that they might be followed by other artits, although metal fans are loyal and kind of oldfashioned in that they actually go to concerts, buy the merch, and also want a physical disk, and not only an electronic copy… (already secured tickets for the solo shows in France and Italy and the 3day festival in Germany \o/ – maybe I can also manage Switzerland…)

          But of course that covers the music part only (and that is comparably easy) – getting variety shows in the foreign market is way more effort (as publishers would need to provide subtitles themselves, find a solution for the delay problem (fans don’t want to wait until a season is released on DVD….)

          1. gx240

            “But I cannot imagine that if she already feels unconfortable with having it on a streaming site she would even consider seeding a torrent. That would be kind of absurd :-)”

            Not at all, there’s one big difference between the two. Japanese companies send takedown requests to Youtube constantly, but as far as I know they rarely if ever bother with torrents on Hello Online. Plus you can upload torrents to HO anonymously (shows up as unknown) and quit seeding them once you have a few other seeders.

            On top of all that a lot of subtitled content over there tends to be seeded forever, even after the original uploader moves on. You can find plenty of subtitled Utaban and Hello Morning episodes that were originally uploaded 10 years ago still being seeded.

  8. Waltz


    Thanks for your hard work. I started liking HKT48 upon visiting your site. I really wish that you not taking down the DM version of Hakata Hyakatten. I know that most hard core fan had their raw but the file totally large in size and that why DM is the alternative for me to stream or dload as it provide a smaller size depends on user preferences. By the way, it’s a good choice of you by setting it private as it can be appreciate by HKT fans and they know better to pay their love to HKT48. As for commoner like me, I hope you will rethink your decision for it. This is the first step for me to continue appreciating HKT48.

    Have a nice day.

  9. bokeboke

    I think my own moral compass operates slightly differently to yours in the sense that I feel any company that refuses to release material legally in a country abandons its moral (although clearly not legal) right to the intellectual property, so I feel there is nothing morally wrong about circulating files of idol shows as they will never be released on DVD outside of Japan, although actually accepting money is of course a totally different story; but I think that was the reason you gave for always rejecting donations? In addition, AKS retains the right to exclusively provide translations should it wish to, but let’s be honest, they never have and surely never will, and as you said softsubs can actually be used alongside the official DVDs if you play them on a computer monitor.

    As for the ease of use issue; I’ve been using the softsubs instead of the streams for many months now anyway, so I don’t see it as a problem, and you’ve given everyone plenty of forward notice so thanks for that. And thanks for doing the job you do well, having tried and failed to do it myself I really appreciate how much work you must be putting in for no reward. Watching your videos increased my interest in HKT, 48G in general, and also Nogizaka46, and record sales ensued as a result.

  10. Jankenpum

    Slightly off topic but was mentioned, (copy and pasting this from Stage48). Please support the new single! Just a single can help go a long way, showing management our support gives us great opportunities such as Hyakkaten!

    The single is now listed on cdjapan, yesasia and hmv. Amazon has listings for bonus unique photos and universal music have a maxi which contains all versions. Not sure what the bonus of ordering the maxi is but you’ll need to proxy (tenso or other services) as it doesn’t ship internationally. Apparently it only comes with one mini calendar as well which doesn’t make sense.

  11. FollowerFollower

    For people who try to change Blue’s mind, i can understand, cause some people, including me, dont bother to download and prefer streaming. But its all Blue decisions. Let’s just appreciate her work (she is the fastest subber i know and she work alone!) And if you still want a stream, just make the hardsub and upload it yourself!

    ( and dont forget to share the link LoL)

  12. HKT fan

    This idea isn’t very good because it is very hard to find the correct RAWs for softsubs which are old like a year ago. Also 480p and 720p video will cause the timings to be off which means someone or you will have to wate more time retiming all the subs. Other subgroups have tried this and failed because most RAWs can only be downloaded from torrents which might only last half a year if you are lucky.
    I know how you feel and i would understand why you would want to do that but I strongly disagree!

  13. upsidown

    Perhaps for new episodes that are put up in the future, Blue could also include a link to the raw video file that was used for the subbing, so that the timing will be correct.

    Also thinking that maybe there is someone other than Blue who could take the softsubs, create a hardsub, and upload it onto their own DM account, posting the hardsub link in the comments.
    Either way, thanks so much to Blue for all the effort put in to subbing these great shows. It’s greatly appreciated by us fans of HKT.

  14. Derek Vasconi

    Blue, you have done so much for me in terms of increasing my love for HKT. I honestly can attribute my complete and total awareness of them to pretty much you and Lonely Advocado. I love coming here and talking about the streams and you’ve been so generous with how fast you are at getting these streams up. While I strongly disagree with what you’re doing, it’s just because I’m lazy and don’t like downloading and putting soft subs to the work lol. So for me, it’s purely a selfish reason why I strongly disagree. However, I also have to say that I’m just grateful even for what you have given me this far and I will respect whatever decision you make. I definitely have felt kind of entitled, since I have your site as a permanent tab on my Google Chrome browser and at least once a day, refresh it to see if you’ve uploaded new streams. I can’t tell you how busy I am in my life and how much work I do in the businesses I own and taking care of my little daughter, so for me, the streams are super fast and I can squeeze them in when I have a twenty minute break in work or when my daughter takes a nap. I guess I can’t do that anymore :(. 
    But regardless, I love you as a fellow HKT fan and you have my deepest appreciation and thanks for all your hard work. Seriously, you are incredible and I’m sure I’ll get around to figuring out a fast and quick way to download your vids and apply soft subs. However, I do want to tell you two things in hopes of changing your mind. I am assuming you won’t change your mind no matter what anyone says on these posts, but I would like to share with you something nonetheless….
    First, I can understand the moral ambiguity argument and how it may feel somehow wrong to keep streams up when Japan tv companies have been cracking down on programs being released outside of Japan. What I think needs to be mentioned here is that if you look at the reason why AKB has so many foreign fans, I’m 100% willing to put my life down for a bet and say it’s because of subbed shows that were streams. I mean, for me, AKBINGO was the very first time I even heard of AKB. I was online looking for a Japanese variety show to watch while doing my daily workout on the treadmill (gotta keep that 150 pounds going!). I saw some show with cute Japanese girls on it, started watching, and here I am four years later a DIE HARD WOTA. I mean, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on their merchandise, going to Japan to see shows, etc. All because somebody put that stream up of AKBINGO (and for the record, it was a Gozua video, still up today in fact). I know it’s not your responsibility to get noobs into AKB or to keep the interest going, but I guess I have to ask you… why sub in the first place then? If it’s not to spread awareness? Taking down the streams goes directly to the heart of this question. I wonder how long it would’ve taken me to find AKB had I been told to download a stream and apply soft subs of that AKBINGO show I saw so many years ago.
    The second point is a quick one… Blue, you can do whatever you want. From what little I know of you, I can tell you are a strong person and you don’t seem to be afraid of what others think. I am basing this on your comments to what people write on every shows comment section. I have been following you a long time now, and you don’t strike me as somebody who would even be remotely worried about something like getting your streams taken down or the right or wrong behind it. I can only wonder if something else is driving you to do this? I say this of course without knowing you personally but I feel we’ve become sort of HKT friends over the past year or so, and I really respect you completely, so please don’t take this wrong or anything. I’m just suprised by this decision.
    But hey, if you don’t change your mind, I will still come here, still support you, and I’m willing to learn a new way to watch my idols I suppose. I just won’t be able to do it as conveniently. No big deal at the end of the day. I still love HKT and hope to see them in concert someday. And I have you at the end of the day to thank for that, no matter what you decide 🙂
     Keep on rocking Blue.

    1. upsidown

      Of course, it would also be nice if official releases from Japan had an English subtitle track (like how most U.S. released blu-rays contain several different languages as subtitle options). I would happily put down money for box sets of shows like that. But that seems like a pipe dream. Or I could just learn more Japanese! But I agree that the shows are a great way to get to know the girls. I don’t think I would have become as much as a fan as I am today without getting hooked on shows like AKBingo first. I’m extremely grateful to every subber who has done a show that I’ve checked out.

  15. kat

    I respect your decision, but I just want to say that there is absolutely nothing morally or whatever wrong with sharing those videos on streaming sites. As other people have mentioned before, these DVDs (and other variety shows that don’t even have DVDs) are only meant for Japanese fans, so you aren’t doing any harm. On the contrary, you are HELPING AKS by introducing HKT to more and more foreign fans who will be willing to spend their money on singles and other merchandise afterwards.

    Anyway, I personally don’t mind using softsubs, and I’m always thankful that you provide subs in the first place, I’m just saying, there is 0 reason to feel guilty about doing what you do. Oh and that HKT subbing group thing got me intrigued. Hope it works out! Hyakkaten 3 really made me love HKT. They went from being my least favorite sister group to my 2nd fave 48 group in a matter of weeks.

    And something irrelevant that I had in mind for a while now. Wouldn’t be a good idea for english subbing groups to use Chinese timed files to make their subs? Like not taking the Chinese text ofc, just the timing. Chinese subbers are super fast anyway and it could cut the work foreign subbers have to do in half. I’ve never been part of a subbing group so I’m not 100% sure how things work, but what do you think about that?

  16. upsidown

    There are DVD players that are region-free, meaning the player will play any DVD from any region. Some DVD players (like my Panasonic) can be made region-free by putting in a code on the remote control. I’ve been buying and watching Region 2 DVDs for years (despite living in a region 1 zone) with this DVD player. It’s worth looking into if you know enough Japanese to enjoy the shows without other-language subtitles. The other nice thing is that with Blu-rays, anyone in the U.S. can play a Japanese Blu-ray as both U.S. and Japan are in the same region for Blu-rays.

  17. MatsuiRena

    I Respect it. Thank you so much for making my month so happy. As someone whose poor, don’t speak Jap and not tech savvy it was hard for me to connect to the 48 group. It has been fun and I was glad I got to know Hkt48! Thank you for your hard work! And ignore some disrespectful comments.  You’re not entitled to do what your doing for us. It’s your decision not theirs. Thank you again!

  18. Enrique Camacho

    It’s fine, I don’t download raws ‘cos I don’t have the time, I really started to like HKT ‘cos of you, guess I’ll stop watching a keeping track of the group, basically this page had everything I liked ’bout them, I have no money to buy singles (40 usd + shipping it’s a big no no for me).

    Thanks for all the time you invest on this, be excellent to each other!

  19. sick48

    Thanks for your hard work! I respect your choice. As long as you won’t stop subbing 😀 I personally don’t keep the raw files for long, ongoing shows like Odekake lol 
    Now the only problem I have is whether I should download raw files from torrent or download your hardsubbed version…. T^T

  20. Akira

    It’s sad to think that I would not be clicks away from rewatching a precious part of HKT memories, but I do realise the reason why you wish to do it. As much as I look forward to your subs, I wish you would consider the torrentless fans and maybe post raw links or at least where to get them without torrent. I’m sure people who appreciate your work will still download both the raws and softsubs provided they are reasonably accessible! =D

  21. Sti Ven

    Hallo, Blue-san,
    recently I found http://hakatanesia.blogspot.de/ another fandom-page that provides the raws of HKT variety shows. Maybe you should mention them to HKT48-Fans, who want download the raws without the torrent system. 🙂 And isn’t it like on YouTube… that if you follow someone on Dailymotion you can still watch directly private videos? So if someone wants to re-upload all videos, he should do it himself.

    You might be so nice, and show with pictures how to establish/add soft-subs to a raw(I know it is easy, but some people might not know 😉 ). Back to the my main point, thanks for translating all the videos. 🙂 Keep up the great work. =-D And last of all, lately I am right on time, watching your subs as one of the first and sharing them <3

  22. badclown

    Hey Blue!

    I’m sorry you get a lot of opposition because of this, and I’m sorry you get that kind of ungratefulness. I really enjoy your work, and you do an awesome job. Whatever you decide to do, I’ll follow 🙂 Thank you for your hard work! I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I do watching. 🙂

  23. MC

    Thanks for subbing all that you have. I fully support whatever decision you make as it’s your work and your account, etc., on the line. Thanks for sharing your love of HKT with the rest of us!

  24. Derek Vasconi

     I don’t think many people on here are being ungrateful at all. I think the issue is that for a long time now, Blue has been subbing these vids in a way that is easy and useful for many people, myself included, who have extremely busy lives and don’t want to take the time to download vids, add subs, etc., etc. It’s nice to have a one click instant satisfaction to a product being given to you for so long. It’s not that easy to accept when that product is suddenly going to be taken away over a moral ambiguity argument. Imagine if Coke or Pepsi suddenly decided to start making Do-it-Yourself Pepsi or Coke drinks. That somehow isn’t as appealing as popping the tab on your bottle of pop and drinking, now does it?
     But at the end of the day, the thing to remember is that Blue isn’t charging anything for this. She’s never asked for money and even declines when offered. So if she decides to permanently shut down her blog even, that’s her right. It’s not like ANY of us have a claim over what she does. I mean, she’s doing this all for FREE and in her OWN time. Does it seem then that some of us are ungrateful? Perhaps, but I think it’s just a matter of all of us being SO USED to Blue’s generosity and then it’s suddenly not going to be there anymore for us, or at least not in a way that’s convenient.
     Nevertheless, I completely DO support whatever Blue decides. I like to think of her as a friend after the year or so I’ve been on this blog, commenting on virtually every post, watching every vid she’s put up, having her site as a permanent tab on my Chrome browser. I’ll still keep it there, just for nostalgia, or in the hopes that someday she’ll change her mind and realize perhaps that nobody on this planet is going to condemn her for hard subbing videos that AKB’s management has decided to not do for all of us (because if they did, I would definitely BUY the dvds instead of watching on here. I am a DIE HARD WOTA, but the reason I’m a die hard wota, of course, is because of subbers like Blue. Kind of a paradox, eh?).  But at the same time, nobody, myself included, wouldn’t even THINK of condemning her for making the decision to not do hard subs anymore either. It’s just sad to see something I’ve loved for this past year not going to be there anymore for me to enjoy, that’s all. But I don’t think saying that makes me selfish or ungrateful. Blue rules and I thank her with everything I am for what she’s done. I’m a huge fan of HKT now because of her. My oshimen is Tani Marika, because of Blue’s subs, and I plan to visit Fukuoka next time I’m in Japan JUST to see HKT if I can get a ticket. So for all the “negative” that I guess is associated with hard subs, there is an overwhelming amount of positive for them to exist. If Blue doesn’t see that, it’s her choice completely. I respect it either way, and I think a lot of people on here do too. Just sayin’.
    Love ya Blue!

  25. Suari ArdiezSuari Ardiez

    Konnichiwa Blue-san. I really like your translation project. However I only like AKB48, SKE48, HKT48 and etc. recently. So, can I help you with subbing? I have free time about 3 months as I passed my entrance exam. Reply ASAP please 🙂

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Hi, I’m currently not looking for any help as I’m particular about making my Hyakkaten subs consistent, but there is an HKT subbing group that we’re looking to start up sometime in the future. Maybe you can help out with that. 🙂

      1. Suari ArdiezSuari Ardiez

        Ok. If anything I can help, just email me. I just can do timing and some Japanese language as I didn’t learn Japanese.

  26. Derek Vasconi

    BLUE!!! You are AWESOME!!! That is a great, great compromise! I at least will be able to watch your old videos again! I’m going to start from scratch! Thank you so much for considering the wishes of so many of those who love your blog! You are truly beyond gracious!!!!!

  27. lazy

    I wish Japan would take some note in how South Korea and the kpop industry is handling Copyright infringement. They quickly realized how important it is to allow this content overseas to increase popularity. There is a korean variety show called “Running Man” which has millions of views (outside of korea) for each episode, and it’s all available and free for anyone. When the crew of this show travels to other countries they’re met with massive crowds of fans, and when their own show isn’t getting good ratings within Korea, they’re highly successful in the international market. This financial model is very viable.

    Japan needs to realize that people won’t buy or import products of shows they’ve never heard nor seen of, or that is not subtitled. You have to sample the content to gain popularity and interest, and none of these shows are on TV outside of Japan. It makes me sad because even official big blueray releases (like AKB documentaries) aren’t even officially subtitled in English generally, due to the lack of overseas market.

  28. gekiblackgekiblack

    I understand the reason you do this.
    I have some question.
    “After Hyakkaten” means “After ANNEX” too?

  29. WingsofAngels48

    You probably won’t even read this since you’re flooded with comments, but I wanted to say thank you for the work you do with Hyakkaten and your decision to leave your old links up. I wanted to start liking HKT so I started watching Hyakkaten, and I can tell it’s the reason I like HKT so much now. I love this show and it’s the only time lately that I’ve been able to smile and laugh. 

    -I love NMB, but they just aren’t funny-

    So thank you for your hard work and uploading so fast. I have no idea how to use softsubs or if they’ll even work on my smartphone but I will find a way.

  30. R.W. Sinclair

    As long as you keep up the good work, you can release it in whatever format works for you. I wanted to let you know that you have helped me to become a fan of HKT and I have shared your subs with friends who are also getting converted, so don’t feel guilty, you are helping HKT48 not hurting them!

  31. ken

    I prefer softsub rather than the encode videos..good thing you want to do softsub only. I don’t have a problem with it

  32. DD48

    hai… blue-san..
    i appreciate u’r decision about just uploading the softsub…
    cause the legality and else…
    maybe this is a selfish request.. but can u uploading the raw video to..like the 480p or 720p…not the streaming one.
    the reason i had this request because i had a bad conectivity in my area and i don’t quite understand about torrent to…
    if this request is to much for you, i’m really sorry for asking it..
    anyway keep subbing all about 48show. I really enjoy your work, and you do a great job. Whatever you’r decision, I’ll follow ^_^ Thank you for your hard work! I hope you enjoy doing it as much as you do. ^_^


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