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Hey, guys! After a super long period of not subbing (I’m sorry!), I’m back with a new project, Hyakkaten 3! As you may already know, Hyakkaten seasons 1 and 2 were subbed by Half-san and Guild48 respectively. Hyakkaten is regarded as one of HKT’s best shows, so go check them out if you haven’t already!

Anyway, in season 3, the format has been changed. Instead of 48 members coming on as guests, this season will focus on turning HKT antis into fans by doing various activities that will hopefully show off HKT’s appeal. As always, at the end of the show, the guest will choose a member as his or her oshimen. The first guest is Tsukaji Muga of Drunk Dragon who is a fan of Momoiro Clover Z.

P.S: I will also be subbing the Hulu extra videos, so stay tuned for that as well!


Softsubs (.ass): [BlueMentaiko] HaKaTa Hyakkaten 3 EP01

Original Air Date: 1/12/2015
Featuring:  Sashihara Rino, Kodama Haruka, Tashima Meru, Tomonaga Mio, Yabuki Nako, Tanaka Miku, Ota Aika, Anai Chihiro, Matsuoka Natsumi, Moriyasu Madoka, Yamamoto Mao, Akiyoshi Yuka, and Tanaka Natsumi
Translated/timed/subbed/etc. by: BlueMentaiko

64 thoughts on “HaKaTa Hyakkaten 3 EP01 – English Subs

  1. bokeboke

    I’m conflicted because I feel that after the format series is still really entertaining, but isn’t as good at promoting new members as it was in its old format. I still really enjoyed it though, especially Meru’s sweaty pits (which I think she dealt with really well), yet another emergence of Boss’ super-cutting side, and Mio’s feeble lack of athleticism (I thought she’d be far more of a burden than Aichan and so she was). I’m looking forward to the extended part of the episode as well, hopefully that’ll give me some more screen time so I can find out about the 3rd gens.

    PS. I know most people probably don’t care, but this episode was very well judged to hook any Momokuro fans who might have been watching

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, that’s one downfall of this series. I enjoyed the first episode a lot, and I’m glad to see that it still has that Hyakkaten vibe, but it was a bummer not seeing any new/unpopular girls. But apparently they filmed an episode w/ like three 3rd gens, so at least they’re rotating girls. Hopefully we get to see more of the ‘forgotten’ 2nd gen girls, as they’re kinda overshadowed by both the 1st and 3rd gens. 

      I really do hope MomoClo fans give this show (or even just that episode a chance). I literally don’t know anything about MomoClo, but they seem pretty genki, which is HKT’s strong point, I feel. If they ever do a season 4, I hope they bring in idol grps. It’d be fitting since HKT is based in Fukuoka aka idol central.

      1. bokeboke

        I’m MD so any member’s fine! I just hope we get more third gens because I really want to know about them, I know Misaki and Sae already have a lot of fans, so I’m really curious.

        It would be cool if some Momokuro fans did watch, the group rivalry sucks and they’re both cool. I think their main charm points are the same (their energy and how straightforward and open they are), much more so than 48G in general, and putting Meru up front was smart because she’s quite similar to Kanako (Momokuro Red).

        I know it’ll never happen, but I’d really love it if they got other idols on; if they ever had Perfume I’d probably have a heart attack!

  2. Jeremy N

    yay my dose of HKT, almost died XD good thing nogi helps me alive. Thanks blue will surely watch and enjoy this.

  3. randy

    Wow, you are a machine.

    HH is actually the show that not only introduced me to HKT, but idols in general (yeah, it took me a few episodes to figure out that half-san was embellishing a bit). So it holds a special place in my heart. I’m pumped to see it return, though I wondered how the format would work now that the girls are known amongst their peers.
    Well, they figured it out didn’t they? Clever.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      That’s great! Hyakkaten was where I found my oshimen, so it’s dear to me, too. It’s rare to hear ppl getting into idols through HKT, but I’m glad you did! They’re a fun group, and they’ve grown so much over the last 2 years. 

      And yeah, I had my doubts about the format change, I thought it might end up becoming too much like Tonkotsu, but it still felt pretty Hyakkaten to me. I’m interested to see who the other guests are. I’m hoping for Ariyoshi!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I didn’t like Meru at first, but she’s grown on me a lot. She’s so fun! And she’s grown so much over the last 2 years, it’s incredible. Hyakkaten so far has been the NakoMeru show!

  4. Rodrigo Pacheco

    Hi, Blue. How are you doing?

     I’ve been absent, lots of work. Lots to catch up too, so many subs!

    And, look what i get, a new Hyakkaten!!!


    Thank you for the hard work.

    And i see you have a partner now!!! Thank you too, Boke.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Hey Rodrigo, I’ve been good! How have you been? Hopefully work isn’t too stressing for you. 

      And yeah, Boke is great! He’s kept this site alive for the last 2 months with his subs. 🙂

      1. Rodrigo Pacheco

        I’ve been busy. What is good! Lots of work in the office plus a little tour with the band. So my spare time was spent traveling, so…

        About Hyakkaten, Meru was really outstanding, right? Was she ever like that?

        Love it! I mean, it is like she was out of the box.

        1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

          Oh, that’s awesome! The band touring thing, not the work thing. 🙂

          Meru was always pretty genki, but she’s come out of her shell a lot since Hyakkaten 2. Understandable, since it was 2 years ago. She’s super fun, though! 

  5. takoyaki

    You sound like you’re really into this project! It was fast too! Thanks so much!

    P.S. I just found out mirufuushuu has also already done this episode at the same time as you too. So you should probably talk to him/her. Maybe you could work together too.

  6. Colin Lo


  7. Ewit Evertsen

    Thanks for the subs.  I have to say, Natsumi’s comment: “fat, ugly…”! ha ha, fortunately he had a “good personality”. And then Miochan single handedly losing the race…so she’s bad at sport, interesting.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Natsumikan is in a tough spot; she’s a nice girl, and i’m sure it’s awkward for her to say those things, but someone has to. She’s good at it though. And yeah, Mio’s athleticism is pretty horrid, haha. But that’s another charmpoint, so I guess it works for her!

  8. Derek Vasconi


    I am sooo happy you are back. I had the worst day ever and then I went online and BLAM!!! There’s a new sub by the master herself! Arigato!
     Also, thanks a bajillion for helping AIDOL sub Takamina’s EPIC Dokkiri special! HOLY JEEEEZ… I couldn’t stop laughing at it. OMOSHIROI!!!
    But our hearts of course belong to HKT, and it’s nice to see you getting back on track with the genki girls from Fukuoka. And I agree with Boke… if Perfume came onto the show, I would probably split in two immediately and dissolve into a gigantic puddle of human yuckiness! Or something like that.
     Anyway, just wanted to extend to you a nice warm WELCOME BACK. I have had so many idol related subs coming out between you, AIDOL, UKN, and BOKE that I’m in total IDOL heaven right now! Seriously, I hope you start grinding it out again and bring me some more chances to escape life and be smiling at the idol girls in HKT 🙂 You are the best Blue.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Hey Derek! Glad to see you’re still around. I’m glad this subbed helped brighten your day, even if only a little. 

      And yep, I may collaborate w/ other subbing groups to do other 48 groups, but HKT is always #1 for me.  🙂 I’m just excited Hyakkaten is back. Not a lot of ppl are subbing HKT right now, so hopefully this will help stop the drought of HKT content. 🙂

  9. Akahime

    Thanks blue! I missed you. Also thank you for subbing the Mechaike SP. I think you should also post that here in your site because you’re the main person who worked on it. You’ve been working on it since last last month right? Anyways glad to see you update here again. 

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Hey, Akahime! Sorry for not being around, I just lost all motivation to sub. And I just translated half of the Mechaike SP, everything else was done by the lovely ppl over at AIDOL, so I wouldn’t feel right posting it here.

  10. sauepass

    Hi, I was wondering how i can make a request?
    I tried the contact form but it seems to just hang and fail. Sorry if it didnt fail and i’ve spammed your email.
    Its actually a request to translate a japanese sub for a naruhodo high school special episode to english. I have the japanese sub which is already timed etc. but it doesnt help much since my japanese is non existent 😛
    I know you are more into hkt48 and probably doesnt want to do this but i tried over at halfs site and his contact form just gave me an error message. And aidol doesnt seem to have a contact form or anything like that.
    Maybe you could relay the request to them?
    sorry for going off topic here.

    Anyways, thanks for subbing hkt shows 🙂
    I really appreciate it and thanks to you and your subs i’ve started to follow hkt.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Hey Sauepass, I’m sorry it didn’t work. I’ll try to get it fixed. 

      As for the request, I’m currently busy with Hyakkaten, and I don’t think I’ll have the time to do anything else, but I’ll take a look at it, since it’s already timed and everything. Can you send it to me at [email protected]? I know Half-san is busy with subbing Gaki no Tsukai, but I can ask AIDOL for you. 

  11. yadayada

    oh the first episode was great and fun even though i want more akiyoshi (lol can’t help but being biased)
    i noticed that sasshi really favors nako as she always try to bring nako along in particularly everything (or maybe the editor staffs are the ones that favor her) and i don’t know how to feel about that. oh well.
    and mio oh mio– i would love to see mio ‘try’ or ‘work’ a little harder than that i mean i feel like even rena and manatsu could do that! i think i will like her better if she shows her ‘ganbatte’ side like meru.

    and meru! she’s the star of this epi! i’m not fond of her (miomeru actually) but i noticed that she changed for the better these days. i like her genki-ness and smile a lot! her reaction to her sweaty armpit was really cool too.

    thank you blue for the sub and welcome back! always been waiting for your sub!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, Sasshi is pretty aggressive at getting pushed girls to speak up. It’s a bit annoying, as the other girls are kinda left neglected, but I guess she really wants HKT’s current pushed girls to become popular. She did the same thing with MeruMio. 

      Mio’s charm is her “not-trying-hard” chara, I guess it works for her? Kinda like Paru. But yeah, I’d like to see her try a little harder ala Meru. And yeah! Meru stole the show. Like you, I didn’t like MeruMio at first, but she’s so fun to watch these days. And to think she’s so young, too. The future is bright!

  12. Jhon DoeJhon Doe

    Thanks a lot for the hard work, Blue ^^ Meru Waki-ase FTW xD Also thanks for the subs on Annex! So much work goes into those extra shows, and you managed to sub it this quickly!

  13. H.R

    Just watched the first two seasons. Not the greatest show, kinda boring. I much more enjoyed watching HKT Variety 48. Too bad no one has not subbed that show, or maybe I don’t know where too look for them. 

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  16. aquabluesweater

    First of all, thank you so much for taking on the role of subbing these episodes. Hakata Hyakkaten will always hold a special place in my heart since it is the show (with fantastic sub from Half) that introduced me to the awesomeness that is HKT48. I remember randomly putting on this episode with Mocchi as the guess and thought it all of these members are pretty fun interacting with the AKB48 members. I still like that this third season still has the HH vibe that I likes. All members are so energetic. I do miss seeing Murashige occupying the bottom right corner though.

    Meru really was a blast in this episode. I really like this side of her character so much more!


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