Nogizakatte, Doko? EP81 – English Subs

January 13, 2015 by

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In the first half of this episode Maimai, Maiyan, Naachan and Ringo all go looking for a spring outfit in Tokyo. In the second half of the episode we have birthday videos for Himetan, Maaya and a third mystery person!

PS: The following episode, 82, has been subbed by Aidol:


Softsubs (.ass): [Bokesubs] 130428 Nogizaka tte Doko ep81

Original Air Date: 4/28/2013
Featuring: Shiraishi Mai, Nishino Nanase, Matsumura Sayuri, Fukagawa Mai, Nakamoto Himeka, Wada Maaya and Bananaman
Translated/timed/subbed/etc. by: Boke

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18 thoughts on “Nogizakatte, Doko? EP81 – English Subs

    1. bokeboke

      Ah, I’m sorry it was me again, I keep forgetting to write it in the description, Blue’s working on Hyakkaten 3 though, so she should be back soon

  1. nangkapanic

    sorry if i sound bad but i no longer interested follow this show… it would be great if you focus on nogibingo or you can help blue with hyakatten 3.. oh my meru armpit stole the show.. by the way thank you forthe sub n sorry if my english rusty

    1. bokeboke

      Well there’s already another group working on Nogibingo that’s a joint project led by, I think UKN. And Blue has always worked alone, so I’m not going to push there, because there’s probably a reason why. Out of everything I’ve done this series seems to be the most popular with the people watching as well. I still haven’t seen Hyakkaten 3’s first episode, because I’m waiting for Blue’s translation

      1. FollowerFollower

        Noo~ dont listen to this guy Lol. Nogidoko is the most interesting nogi’s show. Nogibingo3 not as good as first Nogibingo.
        though i agree that Hyakkaten3 is interesting ( that meru sweaty armpit LOL), i hope you still subbing Nogidoko.

  2. spicycake510spicycake510

    Thank you Boke-san for another excellent subbed episode of Nogidoko!
    This was a very cute episode to watch with subs.
    I really appreciate your work and look forward to more Nogi subs! 🙂

    1. bokeboke

      Yeah, in the first section I really liked Naachan and Maimai’s style, and the second section was really interesting, I think it’s a shame because I think this was the last birthday episode they did. Really interesting to see Shitara as a kid as well.

    1. bokeboke

      Cool! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Somebody asked me to do it because they’re a Himetan oshi, but I got the most out of seeing Maimai looking super-fashionable

  3. rXa

    i thought you drop this show!!
    so happy to know that someone’s still subbing nogidoko
    thank god, finally.. T-T
    and thank you boke-san ^^

    1. bokeboke

      Thanks for watching; sadly I can’t sub any more episodes because I have too many concerns about how long subbing by myself is taking me, and about the quality of my output. If another subbing group will have me I’ll try and make sure more Nogizaka gets subbed


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