Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku EP213 – English Subs

October 4, 2014 by


Hi everyone, I’m a bit tired of subbing Shakariki and Nogibingo!2 at the moment, so I decided to shake it up a little by subbing some Ariyoshi AKB instead. This is the HKT radio special from last month, but it also includes some AKB members. For those of you who may not be familiar with this show, it can get a bit lewd at times, and the things they talk about in this episode (as well as the next one, which I’m planning to do) are a bit unidol-like. If you’re bothered by that, then you should skip this one!


Softsubs (.ass): [BlueMentaiko] Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku EP213

Original Air Date: 9/15/14
Featuring: Ariyoshi Hiroiki, Kojima Haruna, Sashihara Rino, Miyawaki Sakura, Tomonaga Mio, Yabuki Nako, Minegishi Minami, Nakamura Mariko, and Ogasawara Mayu
Translated/timed/subbed/etc. by: BlueMentaiko

73 thoughts on “Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku EP213 – English Subs

  1. suberisuberi

    Great surprise! I love Ariyoshi – both this show and as a comedian. He and Kojiharu have a good chemistry too, he brings out a bit of her naughty adult side that you normally don’t see on other idol shows. She knows what’s up too, it’s not like she’s an airhead Ariyoshi is manipulating for laughs, she has a pretty sharp comedy sense from some of the episodes I’ve seen. I always liked Kojiharu since early AKBINGO, but it wasn’t until I started watching her on this show that she became one of my top favourites. Anyway, I haven’t even watched it yet, but I’m going to right now! Thanks 😀

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Ariyoshi is definitely one of my favorites. He’s so quick and his humor is so biting, I’m sometimes worried that he’ll go a little too far and make them cry or something. And yeah, only a genius like Kojiharu could play the airhead chara so well. She’s just as good at variety as Sasshi or Miichan, imo. I hope that when she graduates, she’ll become a Mecha Ike regular! I’m just surprised Ariyoshi is still willing to do this show, haha. He sooo popular and has sooo many regulars, it’s insane. He must be super busy, yet he continues doing this late-night, cheaply-made idol show. I wonder what’s going to happen to this show when Kojiharu graduates, which should be pretty soon. 🙁 Maybe Sasshi will take her place? 

      1. suberisuberi

        I might be thinking of something else, but I can vaguely remember some girls getting teary-eyed before. He provokes with questions that are meant to get laughs but they’re so blunt that it can catch them offguard sometimes. I like how every time I see Sasshi on the show he just flat out calls her ugly and they both laugh about it. Not every idol could do that though. I remember Ariyoshi saying that the show is fun so he enjoys doing it, but he’s surprised what they let him get away with lol. And I often see the guest members complaining about his badmouthing and rumours causing them trouble. I guess he perfectly fills that niche for idol fans who like to see a more real, unflattering side of idols too. He’s basically talking to them the way people gossip about idols online. I like it though, I don’t think he ever goes too far (unless you don’t like pervy humour).

        That’s a good question about Kojiharu, what will she do? I haven’t heard her say any long term entertainment plans. She probably won’t model much longer. I don’t see her as a strong actor or soloist. Mechaike might be too close to AKB for her now. Fresh out of being an idol all that time, I would think she’d want to get away from it for a while and do something unrelated and more “adult” (no, not that).

        Yeah, I wonder if Ariyoshi would even replace her or continue the show after she left. If he got someone else, I think it would have to be someone who’s more of a comedic sidekick and not too funny on their own. Idols like Sasshi or Chiyori or Maachun might have too strong a presence. Personally, I think Kawaei would fit perfectly. She’s not that funny on her own, so she’d be following Ariyoshi’s lead, but she has a good sense of humour and can laugh at herself. And if you’ve seen her on the show, you know she’s not shy about indulging Ariyoshi at all lol.

        1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

          Both Sasshi and Ariyoshi belong to the same agency, that’s probably the reason why Ariyoshi isn’t shy about bashing Sasshi. If I remember correctly, they’re even in the same drinking circle! Sasshi is made fun of a lot, but she’s rubbing shoulders with Japan’s top comedians. She’s doing really well for herself, and I’m glad she’s able to swallow her pride and allow other people to poke fun at her so much. It’s going to get her far! 

          Maybe she’ll go the fashion route a la Mariko-sama? She could design clothes or something. Maybe marry a famous actor or baseball player and settle down? Who knows, Kojiharu is still a mystery to me. 

          And yeah, you’re right. Sasshi would be too overpowering. I kinda want to see Yuihan or Kitarie there as well. If they stop with those weird gourmet report episodes, focus on doing more whacky competitions and radio specials, and add a few new segments, I think the show can continue for a few more years, even without Kojiharu.

  2. YSoSrs?

    Thank you Blue-san for another release. I honestly do enjoy Ariyoshi radio because it doesn’t flow like the other 48g variety shows. I do enjoy the more mature antics that Ariyoshi offers, so I’ll be awaiting the follow-up of this episode. HKT Loli-army were so adorable in this episode, but at the same time I don’t think they should be exposed to Ariyoshi’s humor. “Will someone body please think of the children?” Maachun’s point getter was on point. Hoping to see her more on the follow-up episode as well as Nako because of her fluffyness(?). 
    The HKT girls are so adorable, yet 99.99% of them are jailbait lolis. It’s like having a group full of Jurinas (The bane of my existence. It’s like she’s been illegal since forever and a day). An over exaggeration, but I feel so old when I look at them. I can’t cope with this feeling. D:
    Thank you once again for this release. It seriously brightens up my day to see releases after classes and work. 

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, I was worried about that as well. I thought maybe the conversation was a little too mature for 12 y/o Nako. Don’t get me wrong, Nako was great on this episode, and she’s the reason why I decided to sub this episode in the first place, but I think with these kind of shows, it should only include 16+ members. But this is coming from a Western p.o.v; I find that Japan is a lot more open to nudity and such compared to the West, so it’s probably not that strange to them! 

      Ikr? I can’t believe they’re so young! Born in the 2000s… God, I feel ancient, haha. They’re even younger than my little sister, that’s just mind-boggling to me, lol.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, watching Ariyoshi is a blast. It’s one of the best 48G shows ever!

      Someday, hopefully! I think Aoi is getting better at variety, I hope that’ll help her land jobs in Tokyo soon!

  3. FollowerFollower

    Yeaa another nogibin… wait! its not nogibingo? then what the hell i’m doing here? Lol. This is special cause it Akb ariyoshi and Beauty airhead kojima haruna~~ is there \(^_^)/ , Thanks Blue

  4. yooo100yooo100

    ariyoshi-san ~~

    i have watch this before but i think this show its hard to understand without sub actually compare to others, and not much of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku being sub, nyan and ariyoshi seems to be good partner in this show, its also interesting of course!

    if you feel bored of sub shakariki and nogibingo, what about 140927 Takahashi Minami MuJack HKT48 SP ?
    i think its so good when i watched , but the time is longer hmm
    its only my opinion though 🙂

    feel free to sub anything, because i like all 48 related show, lol

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yep, Ariyoshi is much harder than other idol shows. Even the pacing is fast, it’s definitely harder to sub than most other shows. Ariyoshi and Kojiharu make a fab pair, no wonder they were accused of dating, haha. 

      Maybe, there are so many things I want to sub, but my hands are tied until I finish Nogibingo and Shakariki (which is airing longer that I expected…).

  5. Akahime

    Wow! Thanks blue. I’ve watched this episode and it’s really hilarious. Mio and Nako sometimes couldn’t catch up in the conversation because they don’t get the dirty jokes lol. But they were still interesting with their honest reactions. Sashi doesn’t hold back and I’ve learned that Sakura isn’t as innocent as she looks like XD. Glad that you’re mixing up things a bit since I was getting bored of Shakariki too lol. Again thanks as I’ll rewatch it with your subs. One of my most favorite ariyoshi akb eps.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Poor Nako, but her story was great! It was a nice, innocent story, which was refreshing after hearing Sasshi, Miichan, even Sakura’s stories. And yeah, Sasshi goes all out on the next episode too. I was honestly surprised they were allowed to air her part. D:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was hoping it was 12 episodes at first, just one quarter, but it’s going on longer than I expected. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be like a 48 episode long series. 

  6. Link Floyd

    Ariyoshi?! OH HELLS YEAH!!! Who the best? Blue the best! Yes, Ma’am! Everytime and episode of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku gets subbed, God makes something nice happen. I’m not entirely sure what, but it’s definitely something really nice, like a new, awesome flavor of ice cream, or a new type of Oreo cookie, or the cure of cancer gets closer, something like that. When I watched this episode in Japanese I started preparing a curse to put on all the subbers and their houses for not translating this show more often. But you’re spared! No curse for you! No plagues will fall on your house! (Ok, this got creepy fast).

    This was a greta episode that you chose to translate, too. My two super ultra oshimen (Minegishi), my super ultra oshimen 2 (Sashihara) with a lot of other members I love (but well, I’m a minna daisuki through and through, I love everyone and cry with everyone), talking about ghosts and nakedness? Sign me up! That’s something I can get behind!

    I wonder who the Chinese director was. The movie sounds interesting, and not only because of my oshimen’s nakedness… which would have been tasteful, I’m sure. They wanted a crazy Japanese girl, saw the YouTube video and went “yyyyeeeeah, she will do, she fits the description alright” XDDD If it was Wong Kar-wai… holy crap, I need to become a millionaire and finance this movie right back into production O_O (And I’ll produce a remake of In the Mood for Love with an all AKB cast while I’m at it! Am I a genius or what?)

    “I’m just surprised Ariyoshi is still willing to do this show, haha.”
    Are you kidding me? The guy lives for this show! Have you seen how excited he gets and how happy he looks making fun of the members? I tell you, that’s the face of uncontrolled, unlimited happiness right there. Specially when Sashihara is a guest, the man really likes making fun of her (and I love watching). A while back there were rumors that the show would be cancelled (something about the channel not including it in an early version of a schedule or something like that) and a fan asked Ariyoshi about it on twitter (I think it was twitter). The reply was something like “I haven’t heard anything like that but… Shit! Do something!!!” I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy cut his own salary in half just to keep the show running. Same with Okybo and her SKE shows. A little while after the first Ebi ended, she lived her life as a hollow husk, a mere shadow of her past self. Then she saw Ryoha Kitagawa on TV and realized what was missing. She needed her Ryohatan back in her life. (Don’t worry, I never write fanfiction).

    Whoa that was a rant longer than I intended! Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku gets me more “exciting” than Miyawaki’s little brother gets at the sight of Kojima and Yuko.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Hahahaha, thank you for sparing me, oh wise Link Floyd. I can now live the rest of my life in peace…until another good episode airs and you decide to use your black magic skills again. Scary! 😉

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Everyone was great on this episode, and it seemed like they were genuinely having a lot of fun shooting this, even Ariyoshi. When you’re a millionaire, please finance a Majisuka-esque drama featuring HKT. I’ll sub whatever you want!!

      I had no idea Ariyoshi said that! He definitely looks like a grinning idiot when Sasshi is on. They have a great working relationship, belong to the same agency, and they’re a blast to watch when they’re working together. Fun stuff! I heard that after all the things that happened to Ariyoshi in the past, like the whole unemployment and losing his fame sorta thing, he became a workaholic because he’s so scared of that happening to him again. Still, I’m always so surprised when 48G can get top comedians like Okubo, Banana Man, Ariyoshi and Goto to host their shows. And I’m glad you caught Miyawaki’s little bro’s “exciting.” I was like, hmmm, Sakuratan, are you sure your brother is in gifted education???

  7. Link Floyd

    Ah, I already made a long comment but I forgot to say something that I meant to say since a long time ago. Congratulations on the good work you do with these subs. Really, you do great work with them, nto only withthe translation (which I can’t really judge since I don’t know Japanese very well) but with the correct English and the subs themselves. The timing is good, there are no silly Notes showing all over the screen except when necessary (if I don’t know something, it’s my job to look it up and not the subbers! They are called SUBtitles for a reason, if they were supposed to show on top they would be called SUPRAtitles or something), I don’t know if you’re a native speaker (I’m not) but your English is great (this shouldn’t be taken for granted, sometimes with subs I have a harder time understanding the subtitles than the Japanese, no joke), and there’s no comic sans font. I hate comic sans. You seem very professional about it.

    Please, no other subber take this as offense. I really appreciate the work all of you do for us ignorant fools. But… well, the other day I went to download a subtitle and it was 9MB big. A .ass file that should be 300KB tops. That’s not right. I half expected the screen to light up with fireworks and christmas lights when I opened the file. It’s like they are doing subtitles without having ever seen a professional subtitle in their life. You can’t do music without listening to music, or write a book without reading one first.

    So, anyway, I always look forward to what you’ll do next and I’m very excitingly awaiting the second part of the Ariyoshi show.

    End second rant of the night. I’ll be silent now.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Thanks for the kind words! I try to make sure my subs are on par with AIDOL subs. 🙂 And I learned Japanese first, so technically English is my second language? But I’m better at English now. Heh.

      A 9MB file??? How??? And here I was, thinking my Dokkiri subs were long at like 400kb…

      Anyway, thanks again! I like reading your comments, they so funny and enthusiastic and over-the-top (in a good way!). 🙂

  8. bokeboke

    I’ve actually always detested Ariyoshi, I think in the same way you don’t like Ijiri. But it doesn’t really matter, we have Sasshi, Miichan and Kojima chatting things up so it’s all good. Having seen this and the recent Geinin episodes though, it’s clear NMB are missing Maachun horribly.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      What about him do you dislike? He’s offensive and sometimes callous, but I find it hilarious, unless he goes too far. Maybe I’m just biased because he appears on my favorite show (Ametalk) often, and I see him on other shows too so I’m more familiar with him compared to, say, Ijiri, who I really only see on Nogibingo and other 48G-related things.

      I don’t pay attention to NMB enough to know, but yeah, it was really dumb to transfer Maachun. I’ve seen her solo MCs during Request Hour and she’s so funny and talented. Definitely a big loss to NMB.

      1. bokeboke

        Well I wrote a long rant, but I deleted it because no one really wants to know, basically I just think he’s sexist, and I feel like he’s a bully a lot of the time. I also don’t think he’s funny; I admit that I tolerate things from people like Okubo that I wouldn’t tolerate from him because I think she’s funny. That said, I admit he’s not as bad as Hamada, who I think is just downright malevolent.

        Losing Maachun was really bad for them because NMB promotes the whole owarai aspect because they’re from Osaka, but beyond Maachun (transferred), Ainyan (graduated), Sayanee and Ripopo, I don’t think they have that many members who are skilled in that way. SKE are actually far more blessed in that department.

        1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

          Ah, I see. That’s a valid reason. I do admit, the reason I find him funny is because he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. But yeah, it’s all at the expense of other comedians/idols/tarentos/etc. I can understand why he’s not appealing to some people. Funny you should compare him to Hamada, I love Hamachan as well! But with Hamachan, you can tell he’s playing a super sadist character. I actually think in real life, he’s much nicer than Matumoto. I basically like most comedians, as long as they’re funny and not gross (like Ijiri or Egashira 2:50). As a girl, I don’t feel comfortable with their antics. 

          Like I said, I don’t pay attention to NMB, so I’m probably really biased, but I don’t find them any funnier than the other groups. Every group has its fair share of variety members, and I don’t see NMB having more than HKT or SKE or AKB. The only thing they have that’s different is the manzai, but those aren’t funny to me. :/ 

          Also, I never replied to your comment about the whole subbing thing not working out, sorry! If you need any help, let me know!

          1. bokeboke

            I can totally see it from your perspective, I actually like that in comedians myself, it’s just a difference of opinion over what offends, for what it’s worth I’m not a fan of Ijiri either. Regarding the subbing, I’m going to carry on with the episode I’m doing, but I’ll probably never release it because of the holes in various places. When I finish it off I might ask some questions, but right now I’m still trying to see what I can work out for myself.

            Also, thanks for reminding me about Egashira, that guy gives me nightmares.

  9. リザル

    Maybe, its have been a long time since i visit your website blue……

    That’s true! Subbing the same video over and over, i think its pretty tiring :3
    And you subbing Ariyoshi, especially HKT48 episode! yey 😀

    BTW I’ve just subbing Ariyoshi Nogizaka46 vs Sashihara7 Ep104. thats a good show!
    From here, i am started to liking Ariyoshi shows!

    Maybe I’ll sub this episode too, so i want to asking you a permission to re-trans your sub 😀

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I felt that way when doing Odekake, too. But at least with Odekake, there’s Goto <3. With Shakariki, it's just watching the members do random tasks, which may or may not be interesting. 🙁 Oh well, gonna stick to it since I promised people.

      Oh awesome, I loved that episode! Sashihara 7 was great, and that was like my first taste of Nogizaka. And yeah, no problem. Re-sub away!

      1. リザル

        That’s right! You must keep your promised!

        And thankyou for letting me re-sub~
        I hope you’ll sub the next episode too >.<

        BTW, I only watch part 1 of Nogizaka46 vs Sashihara7 from Ikomasubs, since they don't released part 2 (105) yet. T_T
        That's a good episode though. I hope they subbing for part 2 😀

  10. gunner331

    thank you Blue-san! u choose a really good episode too! if u bored to sub Shakariki and Nogibingo2 u can also check Minami Takahashi – Mujack 20140829 (with Nana Okada & Nana Owada) or Minami Takahashi – Mujack HKT48 SP 2014092 which u can find the raw everywhere! i think it will be interesting if u sub those 2,but feel free to post anything,i love everything u post until now though!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Thanks! I liked the HKT Mujack SP, but I’m not sure about subbing it. It’s like an hour long, right? It might be too long for me, but I’ll see what I can do!

  11. moveaxmoveax

    thats a nice surprise 🙂
    had a great time watching this :>
    (thought i hoped that Kinako would be able talk more)

  12. Derek Vasconi

    Hey Blue!
    The more I watch of Ariyoshi, the more I love it and wish all of the episodes were subbed. I know it’s been running kind of awhile now though. This episode had me laughing hysterically. Nako is amazing! I hope she becomes an AKB powerhouse as she gets older!
    Everyone in this episode was great. I’m glad to hear you are going to sub the next part, which I was hoping you would do so after this episode left me kind of hanging. Also, I like that you have taken some time to do another kind of program from the AKB universe. Good for you Blue. I want you to stay happy with subbing and never get too tired or bored with it all. 
    One thing I’m curious about, do you know what Ariyoshi was referencing when he was teasing Sasshi about buying underwear in Hawaii? Is that from another special? Just curious. I didn’t catch what was the meaning behind that comment. It sure got to Sasshi though, which I love how she allows herself to get teased mercilessly by everyone.
     Great job as usual!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Hi Derek!

      Nako was amazing, much, much better than I expected. She’s grown so much in the last few months or so that I didn’t even realize how well-spoken she’s become these days. Hoping her and Miku’s push sticks, and that they become popular enough to carry HKT forward when the first gens start graduating. 

      Ariyoshi, Sasshi, and a couple other famous people went to Hawaii for some reason a few months ago. I’m not sure why. You can find pictures of them on Ariyoshi’s twitter!

  13. saki

    Wow thanks for subbing this! I’ve watched this before without subs and it really looks interesting. Since your subbing-pace is pretty fast it’s great you subs random HKT-related videos once in  while ^^

  14. kuruma0715

    thank you so much blue san… i always love ariyoshi akb
    i’m always cheer for you :))

    blue san i want to ask, are you gonna sub some odekake episode again or you stop subbing it?

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Thanks! Right on, Ariyoshi AKB is one of my favorite 48G shows. Kinda campy, but very funny. 

      And I have no plans to do so at the moment, but maybe sometime in the future, when I’m done with all my other shows.

  15. Link Floyd

    Heh, you’re spared for now. Don’t worry, you’re cool beans, I’ll give you a couple of weeks advance notice before casting any hexes in your general direction.

    Sure thing, when I’m a quatrillionaire (somehow the dream increased between the first comment and this!), I’ll definitely get that drama made. It’s a shame that Sashihara’s movie project from Sashihara no Ran wasn’t made. I kinda wanted to see the “schoolyard special effects.” That Majisuka skit you subbed was fantastic.

    I had no idea about Ariyoshi’s previous unemployment. I don’t get to see even a fraction of the shows I’d like to see, but I definitely enjoy watching whatever I can that the guy does. There’s always fun to be had.

    I’m gonna give Sakubro (?) the benefit of the doubt and assume it was Sakura’s mistake XD It was cuter with the mistake, in any case. I was glad to see Tomonaga’s Point Getter get mentioned (and handed over!), it was really fun watching her receive it (in a somewhat “I feel bad for laughing at this” way), and I wondered if she had ever done it again. Ogasawara really took to it, too! XDD

    You’ve probably noticed that I do a weird thing where I call most members by either their full name or their last name. Even my oshimen is always Minegishi to me, very rarely Miichan. Very few members get the nickname treatment frequently, mainly Takamina, Paruru, Mayuyu. I have no idea why, but that’s how it comes out and my brother is the same. We are.. er… weird fans. It doesn’t mean anything.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I’m just going to condense my two replies into this one reply because I’m lazy and clicking that “reply” button twice is too taxing for me. Kinda makes me wonder how I ever get any subbing done with how lazy I am! 😛

      Yes! I really, really, REALLY wanted the school drama that Sasshi was talking about in Sashihara no Ran to come to fruition. I was so sad when she scrapped that idea. 🙁 They’re backed by Lotte, right? It could revolve around a group of girls in a “chocolate making” club at school- I wouldn’t even care- please, Lotte, make it happen!  

      Ariyoshi used to be huge in like the 90s or something, but then his popularity fizzled out as it tends to do in Japan. He’s back on top now, but I think that made him realize that any job is better than no job at all. 

      I don’t use my oshi’s nickname, either. But I also don’t call her by her last name. It’s always “Aoi” for me, never “Aoitan” or “Aoichan.” It feels closer somehow? 

      Lol, I honestly have no idea how that sub file got so big. Maybe some weird error? Or maybe it’s something so amazing that we commoners can’t even comprehend it. 

  16. Link Floyd

    That’s nice of you! I try to leave a comment every once in a while. I’ll probably do it more often now, so if you were only being nice… Hah! Joke’s on you.

    The 9MB sub was for a karaoke AKBINGO episode. I assume it had karaoke subs for every song, probably in multiple languages and in every color discovered so far (and probably discovering a couple of new ones in the process). I stopped the whole thing when it had downloaded about 300kb, which I assumed was enough for the actual subtitles, and it was enough. The whole thing was scary though. Like, I didn’t even know that was possible, it was like one of those freaky things you see in creepy medicine TV shows, like the benign growth of fansubs (I said benign, don’t throw stuff at me). It probably had teeth and hair and if I had finished the download it might have even had a personality of its own.

  17. kat

    And thank you so much for subbing this! Ariyoshi is seriously one of the best 48G variety shows but it’s hard to enjoy if you don’t understand the Japanese because it’s quite talk heavy usually.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, unfortunately it is quite difficult to understand as far as 48G shows go. Which is a real bummer, since I think it’s one of the best shows out there. Maybe once I’m done with all my other commitments, I’ll randomly sub some Ariyoshi episodes that I enjoyed.

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         ^゚l([,,,,,,gr゚”  ]l゚  tqll(゛ .\4(,,_  __..rf_.l(i]i;i;i;i;]f(^゛ 
          |,,l.ヽ  / ./g](   ./ 「゚l,,^^^  メ゜ .l(^.\;;。 
           ゚lr’ .\fー゛゚lqlili__,,.。./ .l! ^.\ __/゚  [ゝ  ^x(x,,_ 
           |\r゜^y゜ lllili[,,_ .ヽ |`、fi;i;]i.i.]g,, [ ゜./  \],,。_ 
            ’n(`、 /゚-,,_、゚lll]k,,_ ゚lrg]lilillllllllllllllllliligg0f^.\_  _ll]l゚゚lvn..、 
             .l[_1V゜   ^^^。.t[]llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll[ ]  ゝ,,r0l゚゛゚l、ヽ 〈。 
            | ^[,,.;pllllllgggy[,,i.i.lllllilillllllllllllllllllllllllllll! [rf ./^],,、    | 
            |_ J .l.lllll[゛^^^^”lililllllilillllllllllllllllllllllll)゜ [91! _])][     」 
            ]”゜]、 ^)llll!  |.ヽlllllilililill[゚llllllllllllllili./]〉、 |]9[゜    f゜ 
            ] ./\ |]]   ]!  llllllll(゛  ]llllllllllll[l゚       _l.   /ll 
           __t、/ ^r゚。.llll  | |”    .\[(゚l_______    ./   f0g;; 
           .l]゛ ][、 .l^ .llili  |./       ^)[゛  ..    」   」 ヽ 

         ,,./;;;;.          l””ll           ,ll”’ll 
       ./゜,,1゚l(“゚l、      ,,,,,,ll ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   ,,,,,,,,ll ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
       .l[\.l[f” .l(      ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,lll,,, ”ll,, l,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,llll,, ”’l,,, 
       | ^  メ゜.       …l ll     ”ll,, lll    ll ll   ”’ll,, lll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
        ^l.  メ”.       ..,,,,ll’ llllllllllll””llll”   ,,,ll’ llllllllllll””llll” ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lll ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ll 
        ][  |.       l”’,,,, ll’  ””ll, ”l, ,,l”’ ,,, ll   ”’l,, ‘ll, 
        [  |.        ..l’lll ll   ,ll’ l’ l’ l’lll ll   ,ll’ l’ 
        [  .ヽ.      ’ll, ‘ll,ll ll ,,,,,,,ll”’ ,,ll’ ll, l,ll’ ,ll’ ,,,,,,ll”’ ,,ll’ 
        [   4;;      ’ll,,,,,ll” ’ll,,,,ll”””   ”ll,,,,,ll” ’ll,,,,ll””” 
        .l[_   ;;;; 
        〈l.,,,,,,,,,,g:.:.]l.      ,,,,ggi.i.i;i;llg,, 
        ゚l;;;;i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.,,    ,,gi;i;(゚l^”^^^;;;;i.i.g、 
        .l;,;,:.:.;;;;i.i.;;;;i;i;!   .llili]「      ^;;;;i.i.,, 
        ];;;;;;;;;;;;;,;,;,;,;,;,]l.  .llili(゜-ヾ”   .。,,_]i;i;lili、 
        〔;,;,;,;,i.i.i.i.;;;;:.:.][  ;;;;゛  ”””   .。,,_^]i;i;][ 
        ];,;,i.i.;;;;;,;,;;;;i.i.]l゚  〈]]゜   .;、_    i;i;] 
        ;,;,:.:.;,;,i.i.;;;;;;;;],,,,,,,,]l.)   ___ ^    ](5! 
        ];,;,;,;,;;;;i.i.i.i.;;;;;;;;;,;,][][、 .;lilililik、  g(,,r゜ 
        ;,;,;,;,i.i.;,;,;;;;i.i.;,;,;;;;;,;,i.i.(‘t,, .\rf^ ,,gl゚^^ 
        .\i.i.;;;;;,;,;;;;i.i.i.i.i;i;i;i;]k、゚l!^^^^^ g「]llllbn。._ 
         .li;i;i;i;;;;;:.:.;;;;i.i.i;i;i;i;i;i;i.i.ll,,,^l._  ]( ;;;;;,;,_ .\。 
        〔i;i;i.i.:.:.:.:.;;;;i.i.i.i.i;i;i;i;i.i.i.i.( .;;;;;i.i.i.i.i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i.i.g,,t,, 
       ./i.i.;,;,….;,;,i.i.i.i.i;i;i;i;i.i.「 ,,i.i.i;i;;;;;;,;,](]….:.:.;,;,:.:.:.:…..゛g;,;,[! 
      ..:li.i.i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i.i. .;;;;;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i.i.”gi;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;[ 
      _:l゛]i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;][゛.li;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i.i.! i.i.i;i;i;i;i;i;i;i;[ 
    g[….:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:…………………! _g:.:.;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;;;;;;;;;,;,゚゜g;;;;ll「:.:.;,;,;,;,[ 

  19. kevinMario

    Man, I can’t wait for your subs for the next episode…

    Extremely curious to know how you will translate that ‘dangerous’ conversation (you know which one…) to English… 

    I played it out so many times in my head but I just can’t come up with a good enough euphemism for the sub to not sound… erh, lewd? XD

    Good luck with the subs!!! ^^

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Thanks for the correction! 🙂 And about that Sasshi thing,  I think I already saw someone translate that part, haha. It’s certainly lewd… But there’s also Nako’s touching story about joining HKT and Sakuchan’s crying fail, so that should help reel it back a little. 😛

  20. resident indonesia

    stop promote sex things, there is no fun talk about sex

    wth ghost
    in the jungle you should worry of hidden trap such as unexpected cliff, poisonous beast etc
    in the factory you should worry of radiation and sometimes unstable structure
    in your life you should worry of ambitious people.. you cant predict how evil they are.. too bad this world full of them

    im weak and absolutely not ambitious person and i tell you ghost is the last thing you should worry of

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Sorry, I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but since Ariyoshi AKB is a pretty lewd show in general, you should probably skip it if you don’t want to hear things like that. 

      And I don’t think ambitious people are rude. Being ambitious doesn’t mean you’re ruthless! But you’re right, we shouldn’t be worried about ghosts, there are far worse things out there!

      1. suberisuberi

        Hmm I believe you’re being tricked by an ambitious pervert ghost using reverse psychology!

        Your comment section is certainly getting more… interesting lately, Blue. 😀

        1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

          Lol, I thought I was the only one who thought that! 😛

          It’s all right, I don’t mind. I like hearing all different sorts of opinions, although I can’t say all of them makes sense. ><

  21. Link Floyd

    Heh, what a crazy coincidence. Apparently, the director they talked to in that episode of Sashihara no Ran very recently followed Sashihara on twitter and they made some jokes about the school drama movie. Stuff like Sashihara saying “I’m looking forward to the HKT movie,” the man apologizing for actually making a school drama without HKT and Sashihara being all “eh, that’s alright, whatcha gonna do. gives us half the earnings and we’ll call it even.” There’s probably nothing else to it, but why did this guy decide to follow Sashihara now after like a year and a half? Hm. There might be something else. Secret work meetings. Etc. The good kinds of “etc”. HOPE LIVES ETERNAL! Actually, the pessimistic in me is saying that it’s more like “you cannot kill what was never alive.”

    I… I feel like I’m gossiping… >_< Oh, man!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Omg, omg, I had no idea! And I follow Sasshi, too. >< I can't believe I missed the convo. I hooooope something is in the works, although like you, I'm pretty pessimistic. Don't wanna get too hopeful like I did during Sasshi no Ran because I might get my heart broken again. 🙁 But the girls have talked about wanting to make a school drama for a while now, I hope Sasshi is connected enough to pull a few strings!

      Haha, we should stop, then. 🙂 


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