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A while ago, I received a request to sub AKB48 Dokkiri Jougakuen 2011 from a frequent visitor to this site. If you remember watching it with English subs before, then you’d be right; there were four Shukan AKB episodes that featured a few clips from this dokkiri, all with English subs. However, after asking around, it appears no one has subbed the entire DVD (and if someone did, oops, I just wasted a good chunk of my life…). I figured what the heck, it’d be a nice challenge.

Anyway, this was a HUGE project. The video is about 2.5 hours in total, and honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever do something this big again, at least not alone. I’m not even sure if enough people will watch this to justify all the effort and time that went into it, but oh well.

For those of you who haven’t watched those Shukan AKB episodes, the basic idea of this dokkiri is simple: 48 AKB members have been divided into 2 teams, the pranked and the prankers. The members from the pranked group wear a lamp on their chest that flashes anytime their heart rate goes above a certain point. The member whose lamp flashes the most by the end of the school day will face an embarrassing punishment.

Since I can’t upload videos longer than an hour on DailyMotion, I’ve cut it into four different parts. It’s also in 480p since I couldn’t find a better quality raw.


Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Softsubs (.ass):
1: [BlueMentaiko] AKB48 Dokkiri Jougakuen 1
2: [BlueMentaiko] AKB48 Dokkiri Jougakuen 2

Release Date: 1/11/12
Featuring: Watanabe Mayu, Minegishi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko, Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi, Shinoda Mariko, Miyazaki Miho, Sashihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kitahara Rie, Yokoyama Yui, Komori Mika, Sato Sumire, Ota Aika, Nito Moeno, Miyazawa Sae, Nakagawa Haruka, Oku Manami, Oya Shizuka, Sato Amina, Akimoto Sayaka, Kuramochi Asuka, Kasai Tomomi, Umeda Ayaka, Kikuchi Ayaka, Sato Natsuki, Yonezawa Rumi, Nakata Chisato, Nakaya Sayaka, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Uchida Mayumi, Chikano Rina, Katayama Haruka, Matsubura Natsumi, Tanabe Miku, Nonaka Misato, Fujie Reina, Matsui Sakiko, Ishida Haruka, Suzuki Mariya, and Takajo Aki
Translated/timed/subbed/etc. by: BlueMentaiko

70 thoughts on “AKB48 Dokkiri Jougakuen (2011) – English Subs

  1. Rodrigo Pacheco

    Well, i am the one to blame! 
    Thank you very much, Blue. You can send me the bill if you want! 🙂
    But why did you not ask for any help?
    I fell a little awkward now…
    Find something in portuguese so I can translate it to you! hehehehehe
    I’ll go watch it now! Bye weekend!

    Is it at least as funny as the clips in Shukan set out?
    If it was not, shot  me in the head! I’ll deserve it!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Haha, please give back two weeks of my life! 😉
      And no need to feel awkward about it! I’m one of those people who work way better on her own, so don’t worry about it. Hmm, maybe some day you can sub a Cristiano Ronaldo interview? 😛

      I liked it a lot the first time I watched it, but it gets  too repetitive at times, especially Nurse Kuramochi’s ear scene. I’ll let you be the judge of whether it’s funny or not!!

      1. Rodrigo Pacheco

        I saw it entirely with at least a smile on my face!

        Yes, you was right, sometimes it was repetitive, but still fun. And i have a thing for ears too, so i was jealous of Kuramochi!

        Just went to sleep at 4 in the morning after see everything! I could not stop!

        But one thing really bugged me. Why Maeda was the only one ho does not face Ijiri? I wonder…
        It’s enjoyable how the other girls seems to like Ijiri, even with the lewd character of him. He must be a good person… Lovetan, Komori and Yuko had very good interaction with him. So, why, i really wonder…

        And they’ve messed up on Rie stars panel, kuramochi said 2.5 and they displayed 1.5!

        There are so many points to talk, but Yuko gave a show!

        Thank you, Blue!

        Ah, about Ronaldo, anytime you want. I prefer Ronaldinho, but not for the same reasons, i am sure of that! 😉

        1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

          I’m glad you enjoyed it! 

          Yeah, I have no idea why Acchan didn’t face Ijiri. Maybe he was on a break during that? And yeah, Ijiri is very respectful and treats the girls well. I’m not a big fan of him and his brand of comedy, but I think the girls genuinely like him.

          Haha, definitely. My reasons are unrelated to soccer. 😛

  2. yooo100yooo100

    ah i think i ever watch this and it was great i think..
    there is mariko turn the dokkiri back right?
    i dont think someone ever sub this (maybe?)
    thank you anyway 🙂

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Project48 subbed the Shukan episodes a long time ago, but according to Half, no one has subbed the whole thing. And yep, this is the one where Mariko freaks everyone out, including the staff, with her reverse dokkiri. That troll, haha.

  3. suberisuberi

    Oh wow, I was not expecting this at all. When you said it might not be for everyone, I was thinking maybe some old tv documentary special or live show. I would think prank specials are one of everyone’s favourites though.

    I kinda remember watching some parts: Mariko getting scary and the Mocchi and Acchan parts from those screens. I had no idea there was a full DVD special though (which, by the way, if it was only on DVD then 480p is the best quality – 720p would have to be bluray or HD tv rip, and even on tv it would just be an upscaled 480p from the DVD). This reminds me of those Gaki no Tsukai specials, which is probably where they got they idea. I am hype! Thank you Blue. 🙂

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I feel like most people who visit my site are HKT fans, so I wasn’t sure if everyone was going to like me spending so much time on an old AKB thing, especially after I explicitly said I wasn’t prioritizing AKB. :S I hope the fact that it’s a dokkiri special makes up for it, though.

      Thanks for the info! I don’t know a lot about technology and I basically expect everything to be in crystal clear 720p or 1080p, lol. Now I’ll never use the DVD filter on H!O. 😛 

      Yep! Gaki no Tsukai is obviously a lot funnier, but it’s still cool that they did this. I wish they still did things like this, but I guess they’re too busy now. 🙁

      1. suberisuberi

        I finally had the time to sit and watch it all – it was so good! 😀 Too many funny bits to mention and lots I hadn’t seen before. All the different reactions with Kuramochi and Ijiri were really funny, and I think that’s the first time I ever thought of Mariko as cute lol. It was obviously way more tame than classic Gaki no Tsukai (good thing, I get chills thinking what Hamada might do to them) but the fact it was old AKB made it more fun to watch.

        I glad Yukirin was featured a lot, she’s someone I’m starting to like more and more as I watch older stuff again. I was never a fan of traditional/orthodox idols because I found them kinda boring, but unlike say Acchan or Mayuyu who always seemed self-conscious of maintaining their image, Yukirin comes off as a very natural and unfiltered personality. In a sense, maybe that makes her the most traditional idol of all because she fits the role so effortlessly. I’m hoping she gets to be #1 before she graduates.

        Another person I’ve been warming up to is Itano. At first I didn’t like her at all. She seemed to care too much about her cool image and came off a bit snobby, but again, after rewatching older stuff I think I misunderstood her and I’m liking her more. I think her and Takamina were close because they’re a lot alike. On the surface they have very different personalities, but underneath they’re both very sensitive and considerate and look out for others. And as much as I hate to admit it, Itano is right, Takamina’s laugh gets so annoying at times XD

        Oops, I’m kinda rambling on again, but there was one thing I didn’t like – Sato Natsuki, snubbed again! What kind of role was that?? I think she should have been part of the class. (I know, there are other good members you can say the same for) I always liked her since I started watching AKB, but I didn’t understand why she sort of faded out from tv appearances. She was funny, smart, good singer (not that that’s really helped others), and even one of the prettiest members. I guess she must have had a poor relationship with management or her agency. Maybe someone else knows, I’m curious.

        I’m also curious who were/are your favourite older AKB members? I don’t see you talk much about AKB.
        Anyway, it was great so thanks again for all your work. It’s really impressive how you can roll out all these subs with such dedication.

          1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

            Yeah, I don’t think they’ll ever do something as insane as Gaki no Tsukai. Remember when Kato Koji kicked Mayuyu in the head and there was an outrage? I don’t think the girls (or the public) would be able to handle Hamachan when he’s in his super sadist mode. 
            Yukirin is great, she’s funny and I love that she’s black-hearted. Didn’t she recently say she wants #1 before she graduates? Anyway, the Kyushu-oshi in me wants all the members from Kyushu to do well, haha. 

            Yeah, there were plenty of good members who were relegated to minor roles. Not going to lie, though- I didn’t know all of them. >< And I don’t think talent or beauty or stuff like that really matter to management, unfortunately. They’ll push whoever they want, or, in Sakura’s case, whoever the fans start going wild for.

            I still like AKB, but I guess they’re just too big for me right now (/pushes up my hipster glasses and drinks kombucha from a mason jar). I didn't have an oshi or anything, but I like Kojiharu a lot. She was soooo good on those older Mechaike test specials, and she plays the whole air-headed chara really well. But these days I’m a fan of Yuihan, Komiharu, and Kojimako. 

            And thanks for leaving such a long and thoughtful comment! I like hearing what other people think, so length is never a problem! 🙂

            1. suberisuberi

              Did Yukirin say that? I don’t know, to be honest I don’t really follow news and gossip unless its something I happen to see on stage48 (which I only rarely lurk) or other comments. No doubt she would love to be though. Anyone ranked that high must think about it.

              Oh! We have the same taste in idols for once! 🙂 I love Kojiharu and Yuihan. Along with Shiichan, Kitarie, and of course Takamina as my longtime favourite AKB members. Reinyan too but I was pretty annoyed when she went to NMB… I don’t think she fits in at all.

              1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

                I think so? I feel like I saw that on my TL, but I didn’t look into it any further, so take it with a grain of salt!

                Ah, that’s awesome. They’re all fantastic, and whenever I see them on variety shows, I’m amazed at just how professional they are compared to the younger girls. Unfortunately I don’t follow NMB at all so I don’t know about the whole transfer/kenin situation there, but I’d be pretty annoyed if that happened to HKT. I can sympathize with both Reinyan and NMB fans.

  4. FollowerFollower

    i think i remember watch this with eng sub, its two episode but each episode only about 24min , or maybe this is special version, like 1-hour special @,@
    by the way, welcome back blue ^^ , how can you call it a break, i thought you’ll gone for so loooong, and back with pirate beard all over your face  /(~,~)/
    waiting the next nogibingo \(^,^)/

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yep, ProjectSub48 subbed the Shukan episodes first, but they were just clips from this DVD. 🙂

      And thanks, I’m a girl so it’d be quite weird if I came back with a scraggy beard. 😛

  5. Deane

    Just wow… wooooooooooow….

    Why so godly ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
     Just amazing
    Thank you for the hard work

    i shall enjoy watching this :D 

  6. Link Floyd

    Thanks a lot for the hard work, as always! Congratulations on a job/hobby well done.

    By the way, would anyone happen to have a link to this DVD uploaded on youku? I don’t even know how I would around looking for this there sicne I don’t even know the Japanese title… Any help would be appreciated.

  7. daifugoeyes

    Blue, are you a robot? I mean, you are so great! Can’t believe you are releasing things so fast! You worked on both Shakariki and this, right? Blue, you are SO AMAZING.
    Thank you so so so so so so so so much!

    And about the Dokkiri itself. If Takamina was there (as part of the dokkiri) she would freak out in a moment lol (maybe she is? I’m just at the first part).
    Mariko and Sasshi were amazing, and Yuko as well. But Yuko is special, she is always hilarious.
    Thank you again, Blue!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Haha, I’m just a bored girl who wanted to do something big before summer ends. Shakariki was just a last-minute decision; Rikopi’s episode was really short, so it only took a day. 🙂

      She is there! Just not for the whole thing. And yeah, I’m sure Takamina would’ve gone crazy at Nurse Mocchi’s place, lol

  8. yukoshi

    Thanks!! Been waiting for this! Btw, may I know which raw files u using? I looked at H!O I can only find 3-disc batch and iso batch

  9. Akahime

    You’re so awesome blue. Can’t believe you work on this by yourself. Thanks for the hard work.  Also sometimes I see your vids getting shared around the internet with just the dailymotion link, maybe you wanna “watermark” your works so people will also visit your site? I don’t really know what’s the term for it XD

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      No problem, hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know, but I don’t mind! I’m not making any money off this site and it’s used mostly for archiving purposes, so there’s really no real need for people to visit here, lol.

  10. saki

    I’ve watched part of this before! And what can I say is you chose such a good project to work on! This episode is very memorable and forever epic. Must be hard to be doing this all alone. Thanks for the hardwork! I’ll be waiting for the next HKTrelease ^-^

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, it was a fun video for sure! I wish AKB still did things like this, or better yet, if HKT had something like this! And yeah, it was tiring, but I’m glad I got it out of the way. 🙂

  11. coconoar

    the biggest dokkiri is that blue actually subbed AKB stuff XD dokkiri inside of a dokkiri (dokiception) will enjoy watching it. Trust me we’ll make every chunk of your life count 🙂

  12. lado

    Thank you very much for this nice sub surprise, I had given up on seeing a full subbed version of this.
    I was going to donate to you because of the nogibingo translations, and after this release i couldn’t hold back anymore, thank you for your hard work. Keep them coming 😀

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Thank you! That’s very kind. 🙂 

      Sorry, I’ve been pretty slow the Nogibingo subs. I have one more Shakariki video to do before ep.9, but I’ll get to it soon!

  13. bokeboke

    Thank you so much, I can’t believe the work you must have put into this! This is like the present I never knew I wanted, I had no idea that the there was more of this beyond the Shuukan specials. Seeing this made me seriously happy though, this was far and away my favourite period for AKB in particular, with most of the original members still in the group, but with newer members I really came to value like Sasshi, Riechan, Myao and Yuihan already established as important members. I’d love to pick out some moments in particular, but there are just too many, I’d be here forever. One thing I was glad of was it made me remember how much I used to love Yuko, who was my first oshimen. To be honest, I became a bit frustrated with her after she lost the Sousenkyo to Sasshi; I felt like she started to phone it in a lot of the time, and she was unfairly dismissive of Sasshi’s victory, so it was nice to see her at her best again here. Yuko, and Sayaka as well, I miss Sayaka so much, I couldn’t decide which of them to oshi for like, 3 months.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! This was my favorite period, too. These are the members who I first got to know and whose personalities I enjoyed so much that I decided to follow this ridiculous (in both good and bad ways) group. 

      Yeah, me too, my opinion of Yuko turned sour after the 2013 SSK. I feel like instead of acknowledging Sasshi and her win, she made it into a huge joke to cover up her embarrassment. But I remembered how much I liked her backed then, mostly because of her weird ojisan chara, and it was nice to relive these moments again!

  14. Ae Chris

    Gotta love your dedication to your own visitors ^^ I stumbled upon this site earlier when I was looking for Nogibingo #6, and was delighted to find that you even had a top-notch sub to go with the episode! After seeing the Dokkiri Jogakuen episodes, I thought that was all that was available, but you proved me wrong! 😀 Thanks for your hard work and stay awesome!

  15. Derek Vasconi

    Blue, I took all weekend to enjoy this sub. I remember seeing the limited version on Shukan a while back, but this was by far ten times better with seeing the entire special from start to finish uncut. Truly and completely with all of my heart of hearts, arigato gozaimasu! 
     I think you are exceptional for this. There were so many great parts, but my favorites had to be everything Yuko chan did, since she really seemed like a wildcard here and the staff couldn’t prepare for her actions or comments (Oppai! OPPAI! lol so funny!), Kuramochi’s ear fetish and handling of the nurse duties (I am a huge fan of hers, so anything she does never gets boring or old to me), and my oshi Yukirin at the end getting her head slammed on by all the pots. Her reactions are the best. She truly has earned her title of Reaction queen. I also love how she can be so dark-hearted but yet at the same time, thoughtful, like when she cleaned up the pots that smacked her head and neatly stacked them and then put the broom in the corner and even thanked the person talking for the education. She truly is an amazing idol. 
    I didn’t like so much the human nature part, as I really couldn’t believe Mayuyu wouldn’t tell Kojiharu about the seat, but then again, that could’ve been scripted or just plain old good Japanese behavior of following the rules above everything else (as Mayuyu said she was instructed not to tell anyone). But all of them looked somewhat petty there. 
    Maeda really didn’t impress me in this, as she just phones in all of her stuff it would seem. I was disappointed to see her so disaffected by what was going on.
     Mariko killled it with the reverse dokkiri. That was amaaazing.
     Itano used to be my oshi when I very first started to watch AKB, but after watching her on all the shows, I realized I liked her just because she’s hot and not for any other reason. Now I like Yukirin because she has it all: A darker side, intelligent, good singer, and of course, an absolutely perfect body. 
    As for you thinking that some of us might not want to see this, you are crazy Blue. I absolutely ADORED this sub! You are super human for subbing this, but even more importantly, you have given me and so many other AKB lovers a huge collective smile. I wish you would accept money because I would hire you to just do subs for us all everyday lol. I love your subs since they are very clean subs and always spot on with the timing. I also love that you introduced me to HKT and now they are probably my favorite group out of the whole AKB family, but this old video reminded me of why I got into AKB in the first place. They had a golden era where all the original Kami-7 were just killing it with every special they did. Just like this one. I have been feeling really nostalgic about the old AKB lately, as I miss them all so much, and this made me just smile and even shed some tears a little because of so many of these girls not being in AKB anymore. 
    So truly and honestly, thank you so much. I can’t wait to see more from you. And you are slowly becoming my new oshi 🙂

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment! 

      I’m not going to be able to reply to everything you said, but I enjoyed  reading what you thought of the members. One thing that disappointed me was the human dokkiri as well. I wish Mayuyu would have taken the “bad” seat since she was surrounded by her seniors. But like you said, following rules is a big thing in Japan, so I can understand why she didn’t.

      I’m glad you’re into HKT now! Converting one fan at a time. 😉 And me too, I miss this AKB so much. I know members like Acchan and Tomochin and Mariko-sama are still active in the industry, but it’s hard to follow them when you’re not in Japan. Following the 48G is a lot of fun, but it’s so sad when you realize these girls aren’t going to stay in forever.I think HKT fans are spoiled because there has only been 1 real graduation since they started almost 3 years ago, but I fear the day when the girls, especially the first gens, begin graduating. ><

  16. fowfow

    Wow! Thank you for this! 😀 I remember watching the previous episodes of this that were subbed, never knew there was so much extra material that wasn’t subbed. Looking forward to your next project~ :0

  17. Eric

    LOL! wow! Amazing, i don’t think anyone will subbed this whole video. I had watched the video from  shukan AKB with subtitle (like you said above) and then i found the whole video and watched it without subtitle. And here, you provide us the whole video with subtitle. God Bless You. 🙂

  18. Eric

    lol you’re right. i’m not sure how could i watch it untill the end. I just pretend that i understand what they were talking. xD i watched it while thinking “it will be better if someone subbing this, but i think no one will subbed this.” maybe that’s the reason i watched it utill the end because i thought it will be the same in the future that nobody will subbed the video. If i knew someone like you will subbed the video back then, of course i wouldn’t watch it untill it get subbed. 😀

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Haha, this is the reason why I can’t get into things like kpop. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to wait for subs to understand what’s going on. There’s still a lot of old, great AKB videos that haven’t been subbed, so I hope it’ll all eventually get subbed. 🙂

  19. Link Floyd

    YEAH! I know it was a weird request but I officially have the worst internet connection on the planet so this will help big time. Muchas thankyous!

  20. Shinny

    Wow thanks for subbing such a lengthy video! Really appreciate the effort. I vaguely remember some of the scenes. I’ll watch it when I have some time. Probably in the weekend. Too busy with work now. Are you still subbing nogibingo as well? Since schools and universities are starting again I think you will be busy enough the following months^^

  21. shahou

    You just became my most favorite person in the world right now! OwO Thanks a lot for the hard work, time and patience you put into this project!

  22. Chiisana Yume

    Thank you so very much, Blue! I really loved being able to see the older members all together again, and the program itself was also pretty funny. I laughed a ton. I’m really thankful for you doing this. After having watched this, I’ll begin my new school year with a glad heart. Thank you!

  23. Robert ルナ

    hahah sorry dude this was subbed years ago! aww man, well its the thought that counts. but yeah, you wasted a bit of your time. shucks, well it might be that the translation isn’t out there anymore.

  24. SysopGrace

    Here is a new hard-sub of the videos using the real DVDs the source: https://aidoru-online.org/torrents-details.php?id=122755


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