Majisuka Gakuen Parody Skit (Fukuoka Evening Concert) – English Subs

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As you may all know, HKT did a Majisuka Gakuen parody during their Kyushu Seven Prefecture Tour. In Oita prefecture, the Murashige-led Mentaiko Army faced off against the Chiyori-led Team Sukiyaki. They were then joined by the Motsukushi Family in Miyazaki, the Three Sisters of the Student Council in Kumamoto, the Lolita Alliance in Kagoshima, Team Pheromone in Saga, the Church of Meroppi in Nagasaki, and finally, the Ushiroyubui Osare Crew during the noon concert in Fukuoka.  However, just as things were finally beginning to wind down at the evening concert, a new villain confronts them. Is she the final boss? Or is there an unexpected, more sinister leader pulling all the strings?

This was a fun, albeit campy, skit that I feel was one of the highlights of this whole tour. It definitely injected a lot of humor into the concert and it’s awesome that they paid homage to one of AKB’s most ridiculous projects, haha. I wasn’t confident about some of the lines, so if you spot any mistakes, please let me know! (Lol, I just realized I made a huge mistake. They’re not going to raid the west, they’re raiding the east. I can’t believe I mixed that up. Sorry!)


29 thoughts on “Majisuka Gakuen Parody Skit (Fukuoka Evening Concert) – English Subs

  1. Sid

    Blue, I salute you!
    If I had the power to bestow upon you a knighthood/ladyhood or whatchamacallit with a glorious estate (no fox hunting allowed), I would…  While watching the concert I muttered repeatedly “I hope someone will sub this” And lo and behold! The very next morning I find this!
    Thank you for letting me enjoy HKT48 even more! 🙂

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I wish you had the power to do so, too. T_T I’d adorn my new estate with thousands of pictures of idols, it’d be great. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it! It’s a bummer we couldn’t watch all 11 skits, though.

  2. Derek Vasconi

    Blue, this was so nostalgic to watch! I loved Majisuka when I first got into AKB and it’s great to see my new heroines in HKT do such a great job playing around with it. They sang so well at the end too! 
     Really, really awesome, random choice to sub. It made me almost teary eyed a bit, being that I keep seeing what AKB’s first generation has done for the newer generations, especially those in HKT. So inspiring!
     Thank you Blue, as always. Now, if I can juuuust get you to sub the SKE VS. AKB microphone battle….. lol.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      How cool would it be to have another Majisukaesque drama starring the HKT members? I think it’d be a blast! It’d help out all the members who want to become an actress, especially Sakura. But I’m sure this is all a pipe dream. ;_;

      Lol, maybeeee. I’ll look into it.

  3. Joy

    thanks for the sub 
    What’s the name of the song that was playing in the background when Natsumikan  shot shigi ?

  4. suberisuberi

    I didn’t watch Majisuka (only the MVs), so most of the parodies were lost on me, but it was still fun 😀 Actually, the song was nostalgic for me because I first got into AKB through their Majisuka MVs. I had no knowledge of them or idol groups, I thought they were just some trending pop band and I was clicking through their videos on youtube one day, when those MVs stood out (in particular, Majijo Teppen Blues and Takamina) which eventually led me to an AKBINGO epsiode… and a few days of binge-watching later, I was hooked and had my oshi – Takamina.
    After watching how much she’s grown (figuratively >.<) over the years and all the success and opportunities she now has, it made me really love AKB for giving even unlikely idols like Takamina a real chance at their dreams. That's why I'm still a fan, not for the music or the variety or the cute girls, but to watch them grow see what they can achieve.

    Anyway, I'm just rambling on now… thanks for the vid! XD

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      It’s never too late to watch Majisuka! It’s cheaply made, horribly produced, and the majority of the acting is cringe-worthy, but it takes you back to the good old days of AKB, when even the most popular members had the time to star in a 48 drama and when they didn’t take themselves too seriously. I’m not really into AKB these days, but I’ll never forget how much the old gens meant to me. 

      I got into AKB by binge-watching AKBINGO, too. I never really picked an oshi (favorites, sure), but like you, I love watching my favorite members grow. Most of these girls aren’t idol-worthy in the traditional sense, but that’s what makes them appealing to me. It’s endearing. I guess that’s why I’m into HKT; they’re the youngest sister group, unpolished compared to SKE and NMB, and still young and inexperienced. Like Sakura said in her sousenkyo speech, everyone in HKT is still chasing after their dream. I feel like they still have a lot left to accomplish. A national tour someday would be nice. 🙂

      Sorry for rambling too!

      1. suberisuberi

        Haha please don’t apologize. You’re always so nice, taking the time to reply to everyone. Yeah, now that I think about, I should go back and watch them just for the nostalgia. And even though Takamina will always be my eternal oshi, I have lots of favourites now, across all 48G, and cheer for everyone to be successful.

  5. bokeboke

    I’d like an HKT Majisuka as well; I feel like idol dramas are kind of inherently cheesy, so it’s best to just go with it and make the cheesiest, silliest drama you can, I loved Majisuka. I got into the group in the same way, through AKBingo being such an awesome TV program, in fact I actually fanboy Bad Boys as much as the group themselves now. And I really miss some of the old gens who made the group a bit more unique than it is now, like Akimoto Sayaka, Noro Kayo etc. AKB used to be number 1 for me, but nowadays its SKE and N46.

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      It can even air on a local, Kyushu channel. I remember Sasshi was trying to make that happen on her Sashihara no Ran show. She wanted HKT to star in a high school romance-type drama, but she scrapped that idea after hearing how much money it’d cost to make. I was really disappointed, it would’ve been an amazing project. Sometimes I wish HKT was with a stronger agency. 🙁 Maybe then, we’d see more cool things coming our way, like a movie or something.

      Yeah, AKBINGO is pretty different now. I still catch it every week- and I like the new gens and think they’re funny and charming and captivating- but it’s not the same. 

  6. Derek Vasconi

    A Majisuka HKT show? BLUE, that is the absolute BEST idea!!! I would watch that!  Also, I didn’t know Sashi did look for something like that in a Sashihara no ran episode. I just now have been seeing a few subs here and there for Sashihara no ran… I hope to see all those episodes eventually because the ones I have seen were really fun and made me respect Sasshi even more than before.
     As always Blue, awesome thinking!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Maybe not completely Majisuka, but an HKT drama would be cool. The members are mostly all teenagers, so it’d be appropriate to have like a high school, slice of life type drama. Add a little romance (but idk how they’ll get away with that lol) and I’ll be hooked. :3

      It was definitely a good show! Hopefully someone subs it in its entirety!


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