HaKaTa Hyakkaten Season 2 Bonus Footage (Part 1) – English Subs

February 17, 2014 by


After about a month of procrastination, I finally mustered up the willpower to sub the bonus footage from Hyakkaten Season 2. This part includes footage from Rena, Lemon, Jurina, and Shimada’s episodes.

Because the raw came from the amazing Hayate, the softsub’s timing might be a a little off if you use the raw found on H!O. Nonetheless, here are the softsubs:

(.ass): [BlueMentaiko] Hyakkaten Season 2 Part 1

Sorry for the speed of the subs- the members talk very fast!



About the author: bluementaiko

Hi, you can call me Blue. I'm an independent subber. Currently working on Hyakkaten 3. Since I work alone, nothing is 100%. Feel free to talk to me, offer suggestions, etc.! My oshi is Motomura Aoi, and my favorite group is HKT. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ first. Thank you!!

30 thoughts on “HaKaTa Hyakkaten Season 2 Bonus Footage (Part 1) – English Subs

  1. JDK48JDK48

    Sadly I can’t watch this yet, cause I still have to watch season 2.
    I should probably get to that…
    It’s really good to see something else gets translated. I really love Odekake, but it’s good to see them in another environment? I don’t know how to explain.

    Good idea to use a picture instead ^ ^ Too bad it doesn’t show the player anymore.

    And again thank you for your awesome work.~

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Aw, I think Hyakkaten is great, and it’s already subbed, so you should get on that! 🙂 

      Yeah, as much as I like Odekake, I really want HKT to get a new show already. Maybe a third Hyakkaten season!

  2. Rodrigo Pacheco

    Bluementaiko, thanks for the hard work.
    May i ask for your help, please? The raw in H!O is one hole piece, right?

    So, when you release the second part of the subtitles, will i be able to see it in the raw or i’ll have to do some kind of “trick”?

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      I believe the raw on H!O is split into two parts as well; there’s the limited edition bonus and the regular edition bonus. And actually, it might not be watermarked! 

  3. miku desmiku des

    Nice upload yo ! THANKS ^^
    anyway just wondering if you could skip odekake ep 15
    and then jump to ep 22 where they having camp instead? 
    I want that episode badly :(,AOI so kute
    But dont get stressed,its okay if you want to go by order/own planning (^_^)

  4. E-one RezE-one Rez

    thank you for using chiichan+aoi screenshot XD
    and of course for the sub!

    Hyakatten Season 3? hope so! and tonkotsu season 2 if can! so I can know more of 3rd gen member,ahahaa

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Haha, I’m glad I found a scene with them together! 🙂

      Hyakkaten season 3 would be great, but I wouldn’t mind having a 2nd season of Tonkotsu either. I just want another show besides Odekake, lol.

      1. E-one RezE-one Rez

        yeah! also I love the scene( I didn’t remember which bonus video) where haruppi,aoi,chiichan playing together! ah! heaven! ahhah

        Yeah! hope they got new show! something kinda like akbingo? will be fun too? I guess

        1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

          Aoi and Chiichan are my top two, so I want them to interact more! Possibly a Korekara episode with them both, if it hasn’t been done already.

          I wouldn’t mind something like EbiFri. That was a great show, but I’m biased because I like Ookubo quite a lot!

          1. E-one RezE-one Rez

            Me too!! have you chiichan latest Google+ ? pic of them together!! kyaa!!
            Korekara,It hard to find this show video ,I only have some from H!O..

            EbiFri is great! and Me too like Ookubu,she is great!
            btw,how to change my avatar,picture on this website?

          2. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

            For some reason, I can’t reply to you on your post, but yes! Chiichan and Aoi are the best, I love them so much!

            I wouldn’t mind SKE getting a second season of it either. Ookubo’s humor is a bit mature/perverted, so it might not be the best idea to have her pair up with HKT, considering they’re so young.

            What I do is click on my username and go to “edit.” You can change everything there, I believe. 🙂

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Yeah, I actually realized afterwards that the raw was from H!O, lol. I got it confused because Hayate gave me the raws for the first season. A true d’oh moment for me. -.-

  5. E-one RezE-one Rez

    For some reason I can’t reply to my post/comment too
    Agree!! Is there any pairing name for them?

    Yeaah! that dirty joke of her! I don’t want HKT girls get into that state of mind yet..hahaha

    ok! thank you!

    1. bluementaikobluementaiko Post author

      Oops, forgot to comment on this! Idk, I don’t think Aoi and Chiichan are close enough to have formed a combi, but Aohiro? Chiioi? They both sound dumb, lol.


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