HaKaTa Hyakkaten Season 1 Bonus Footage (Part 1) – English Subs

January 5, 2014 by


The amazing Hayate was kind enough to provide me with an unwatermarked raw, so I was able to hardsub it. I’ll leave the softsubs up for anyone who might still want it, though. If you have the old hardsubbed link, it won’t work anymore. Please use this one instead. 🙂

As requested, I’ve translated the first part (39 minutes) of HaKaTa Hyakkaten’s Season 1 Bonus Footage. This includes extra footage from Yukirin, Miichan, Mayuyu, Shiichan, and Mocchi’s episodes. If you liked Hyakkaten, I think you’ll enjoy this, too.


.ass (recommended): [BlueMentaiko] Hyakkaten Season 1 Part 1 ASS

.srt (not tested): [BlueMentaiko] Hyakkaten Season 1 Part 1 SRT

The raw file is called [HaKaTa Hyakkaten S1 DVD extras (limited/regular ed.)], which you can find on H!O, and the video is called [HaKaTa百貨店 特典ディスク 通常版  未公開映像].

The second part should be out in a few weeks.



About the author: bluementaiko

Hi, you can call me Blue. I'm an independent subber. Currently working on Hyakkaten 3. Since I work alone, nothing is 100%. Feel free to talk to me, offer suggestions, etc.! My oshi is Motomura Aoi, and my favorite group is HKT. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ first. Thank you!!

24 thoughts on “HaKaTa Hyakkaten Season 1 Bonus Footage (Part 1) – English Subs

    1. MN Rizal

      can you send link to me for the hardsubbed too? I Just send you email.because I can’t download from torrent and I wait for a long time see it. thank you very much for your help

    2. BlueMentaiko

      Did you sent another one? I’ve already replied to your email with the link, I think. Anyways, it doesn’t matter since I hardsubbed an unwatermarked version. Use that instead. 🙂

    1. BlueMentaiko

      Yeah, unfortunately I don’t think I have any control over what scene becomes the video’s thumbnail. But at least it wasn’t the scene where the members did their ugly faces. Shivers.

  1. Anonymous

    Would you consider uploading your hard subbed videos on Hello Online? I know its possible to download the videos from Dailymotion, but whenever a video is uploaded to a streaming site the quality is noticeably degraded.

    1. BlueMentaiko

      No problem, hope you enjoyed it. :)I actually have no idea! Tonkotsu was pretty hit or miss for me, so I didn’t keep up with it that much. I’m not even sure if they had a dvd release.

  2. Kimoto Iqbal

    Yattaaa of course i enjoyed it, love ur sub style ^^I thought TMSG have bonus footage too like Hakata Hyakkaten. please focus with our odekake, couse i have all TMSG sofsub thanks for ur hard work, ganbatte sis ^^v


    Thanks for subbed it, i really enjoyed your work. Do you make subtitle for another bonus like ‘behind the scene’? If yes then i really appreciate it if u share it.
    And have you start to sub bonus video from hkt hyakkaten 2? i saw the raw video in H!O and i really want to see it (o f course with sub)…

    sorry if my english was bad and sorry if i make many request…


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